Sunday, July 08, 2007

Jasmine and Antonio

Jasmine was like any other women in her late thirties. She was savvy to the world of men so when she met Antonio, she should have noticed the way he moved in on her right off, but she was distracted by his charm. Oh so charming and his looks. Tall dark and handsome had been coined to sum him up.

And so when she fell—it was hard and fast. The two of them were inseparable. She even missed work and soon found herself without a job, but she didn’t care. She was in love and it was like a drug. The more she had, the more she wanted. Antonio convinced her to move in with him. It was a newly renovated condo in the historic district of Savannah and all seemed to be going well, even the lack of being gainfully employed because Antonio was beyond well off, he was downright wealthy and assured Jasmine there was never any need for worry.

And so it was the two love birds lived a fun and wild nightlife and slept during the day. Before long Jasmine’s friends were talking. Something had happened to her. There was a look about her. Pale and rather frail at times and then other times she seemed very strong and almost superhuman.

The rumors eventually came back to her but Jasmine just smiled and her typical fashion shrugged off the silly gossip and married her handsome Antonio in a midnight service. And yes, there were rumors about the unconventional ceremony, talk of vampires and the entire city buzzed with the latest guess what whenever it came to the newly weds.

And then one day…Jasmine simply disappeared and Antonio had vanished with her. So what happened to them? You fill in the ending…


Sandra said...

Just because I am bored at 12:30 at night.

Several years later, Antonio returned alone. He was there only to search for the man who had taken Jasmine away from him. He didn't care what he had to do or who he had to kill, but he would find them and rescue Jasmine and return her to his side.

Months passed with no luck in his search. But then one day, he crossed the path of another vampire who had seen Jasmine and the vampire who had taken her.

Broken and bleeding, fearing the wrath of Antonio and wanting to keep his life, the vampire Sean, told Antonio where he needed to go to find the couple.

Once there, Antonio wasted no time in defeating the arrogant vampire, Victor, and saving his lovely Jasmine.

Finally reunited with her love, Jasmine jumped into his arms and kissed him passionately.

"I knew you would find me," she whispered, tears running down her face.

"I will always come for you, my love," he promised her in between kisses. Then he carried her out of the building.

The end.

Sally Painter said...

Super, Sandra! I really can see Antonio doing that!

Julianne said...

Jasmine and Antonio left on his private jet, headed for Scotland. Antonio had told Jasmine of his one time home of his clan. Antonio told of how the clan leader had been murdered and that Antonio was next in line to be the leader of the clan.

Once they arrived at the castle, they could tell all was not well.
Antonio's brother Marcel had decided he wanted to rule the clan.
Marcel ordered Antonio to be executed. And he thought he would take Jasmine as his own.

It was Marcel's right to challenge Antonio to the throne. But Antonio never thought that he would actually do it. If Marcel beat Antonio in the Right of Passaged duel, Antonio would be executed. He didn't want to think about what would happen to Jasmine if he lost. He wouldn't lose, he couldn't.

The evening of the challenge, Antonio was brought to the challenge areana. But where was Marcel? He should have already been there. Jasmine was tied so Antonio could see her. They all waited and waited for Marcel. Finally, Antonio had enough. He wanted to search for Marcel. He asked his cousin, Philipe to find Marcel. Philipe, doing his cousins' bidding, returned to the castle to search for Marcel. He started with Marcel's chambers. He found Marcel in his bed, staked.
Instant joy ran through Philipe. The evil Marcel was no longer in charge. He ran back to the areana shouting. Jasmine was released and ran to Antonio. Antonio met her and kissed her long and hard.
"I love you Antonio," Jasmine said.
I love you Jasmine," Antonio said.
They walked hand in hand back to the castle
The End

Lisa Avila said...

Love both endings.Would be a great full length novel.

Sally Painter said...

Great ending Jules! sigh.