Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The dangers of writing two books at the same time

The danger is calling your hero by the wrong name which I just did. I try to stick to writing one book at a time, but once in a while two books will begin to compete with each other as the two I'm currently writing.

One is the book in Ci's and my new Hussies series and the other is the second book in a gargoyle series I'm starting. Yes, I listened to your letters (thank you for them). Maybe these books are competing for attention because one is set in one of my favorite places and time periods - Scotland 536 AD and the other one is set in my favorite city - Savannah, Ga.

Or maybe it is because the heroes are just so powerful and demanding. I don't know but I feel like a torn lover. LOL. Okay... Back to the Hussies series one. It has a pressing deadline. Trying to ignore the Scottish brogue and sexy chuckling. ERRRR...


Julianne said...

Oh Sally, thats pretty sad, calling one hero the wrong name. Well the good news is that you caught it in time. And maybe you could be doing 3 books at once. LOL!!!

Dani said...

Oh my, we don't want you mixing up names anymore. The hunks would be upset if you did. Woo Hoo! A new gargoyle book. I'm ready for that. LOL!

Sally, how can you ignore a Scottish brogue and sexy chuckling especially if the brogue is very sexy? I don't think I could. I'd be putty in his hands. Hmmmm, that sounds great though. LMAO!

Sally Painter said...

Lol Jules,

I have in the past written 3 at same time. I'm trying to curb my multi-tasking.

Sally Painter said...

Thank Dani! I know it is impossible to ignore.