Friday, December 28, 2007

Is it real? When it is, you know.

There have been hoaxes, charlatans, fakes, and frauds in the paranormal field for as long as there have been paranormal encounters. How do you authenticate the paranormal? How can you prove it is real? Disprove it is real?

Modern day ghost hunters have tools they claim measure electromagnetic discharges created by spirit manifesting. I dunno. Maybe. Or maybe it is underground ore or other rock formations or something else we've yet to understand about earth science and the relationship to EMFs. But hey, at least someone is trying with science even if science can't adequately evaluate the paranormal. EVPs are amazing, but open to interpretation as to what is being said. And perhaps they are no more than an imprint recorded in the universe's records and playing over and over.

And then there are those who don't even try and just put it out there for the public to draw their own conclusions. Especially when it comes to television shows. After all, this is TV and the keyword here is entertainment.

For those who are sincere and dedicated in their work in the field of the paranormal, such 'entertainment' can be frustrating and eventually impairs their work. Each success is harder to gain validity because well, we've seen it all hoaxed before and when the real thing appears no one believes.

So how many times can the paranormal cry wolf before the public quits trying to believe? I've watched most of the paranormal reality TV shows and it's clear they are in their medium - entertainment.

So the next time you are watching such a show, just remember this:


Ciana Stone said...

you're so right - what we see on television is entertainment (and often not very entertaining. But such is the way of things when we're dealing with something that can't be quantified.

Maybe we should stop trying to prove and just go with the flow :)

Sally Painter said...

Going with the flow works for me.

I love Most Haunted and when I saw this vid on youtube, I cracked up!

I had tears rolling down my cheeks watching them trying to keep a straight face when he was shouting about Mary and Dick. Snicker.