Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ready, Set ....


Okay, you've done the sexy Santa thing. You've hollied and you've jollied and now it's time for one of two things. (a) the after Christmas bargains, or (b)the annual "gifts to be exchanged or returned" chore. And if you ARE planning on joining the crowds today, here's a few tips:

1. Make sure you fuel up before you go because every restaurant, fast food joint and mall food court will be slammed and waiting in these lines only adds stress. So eat before you go and save yourself some aggravation.

2. Be a good scout and go prepared. Got those receipts? Woe unto you if you do not.

3. You better think! Yep, before you make that impulse purchase today, think about it. Is this something you REALLY want or are you going to be going out again next week to take this back?

4. Plan your strategy. If your goal is just to exchange or refund, then plan your strategy. Work as a team. Everyone take their cell phones and scope out the stores. Who has the smallest return line. Rush to that one first.

5. Once you've accomplished your mission, take a load off, chill out. Have a drink and toast yourself for a job well done.

And remember to conserve a little energy this week so you'll be ready to send 2007 off in style and welcome in 2008.

Hoping your after-Christmas events are stress free and fun.

This is Ciana (who is sending the men folk out to do exchanges and returns. After all THEY'RE the ones who bought this stuff!)

Cheers :)


Nicole Austin said...

Good plan, Ci! Make the menfolk go to the stores.

I braved Target this morning for my son to spend some of his Christmas cash. We went early though, go in to the video game section, and go out quick.

Sally Painter said...

LOVE IT! Your system sounds ideal!