Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The words "Smokin' Hot" make me think of...

Ellora's Cave author and our dear friend, Susie Charles. When I see the words "velvet" and "Susie Charles" used together I know I'm in for one sizzling hot, romantic ride, replete with pulse pounding sex and laugh-out-loud humor from characters whose personalities literally leap off the pages.

So you can imagine my excitement when VELVET TIES hit the release page at Ellora's Cave. This is one Hussy that went to bed bleary eyed but quite inspired :)

Before I go any further, here's a little blurb:

Wanted: Fiancé for limited-term engagement. Benefits negotiable.

Melissa needs help fast when she receives a message that her obsessive ex-fiancé is enroute to London to take her “home”. But things go a bit haywire when she puts out her call for a faux fiancé.

Candidate One: Richard I-wanna-be-Casanova Danville thinks he’s every woman’s dream. Please! “You just can’t get enough of me,” he said. She laughed until he hauled her in close and kissed her. As her body and lips softened against him, her mind said “Casanova who?”

Candidate Two: Alex Ryan is stealth personified. Men studied him as he walked by. Women wanted to feel his strong arms around them. He’s as kinky as Richard, or so she thought. “You don’t know the half of it…” he whispered against her mouth.

The surprise? “Richard and I go way back, baby,” said Alex. The meaning? One home. One bed. Two men loving one woman. So while they take care of the ex, both will do their best to convince Mel together they are her Mr. Right.

Ci: Okay, did I mention this sizzles? Susie Charles has outdone herself. Richard and Alex are enough to make any woman consider that maybe it takes two men to make one Mr. Right. Well, if the two men are these, because DAYUM honey, I nearly blew an ovary reading this one.

Sally: Interrupting, Ci here for a moment to scream! Oh yeah, baby! Talk about male action figures. I want Richard and Alex. Yummy! I mean can we get any sexier than these two alpha males who know how to make a woman beg for more?

Ci: Bravo to Susie for another stellar read. If you haven't picked up this book, then get thyself to Ellora's Cave posthaste!! You'll be glad you did :) And be sure to pay a visit's to Susie's site for more about her fabulous books.

Sally: Susie is just an automatic buy! Her sexy books are more than seat-squirmers, they are break out the ice and fans, baby and grab your man and head for the hot tub!

For the Hussies, this is Ciana and Sally saying having a hussicilious day and don't forget to let your inner Hussy out to play. (She'll thank you for it!) (Still fanning myself!)


Julianne said...

OMG!!!!! What a cover. Thats awesome.Umm did I say the cover was great??????
I'm getting this book.

Nicole Austin said...

Oh man! I need more reading time!!! Hmm...maybe if I give up sleep. That might work.

Dani said...

Gee, I'm seeing Susie's name come up a lot lately. I think I'm going to have to check this book out. It sounds like it's scorchin and I'm guessing by both of your reactions that it is. LOL!