Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bewitched or Just Confused

I know you thought this was going to be about a paranormal element thinking it was alive when it’s a ghost or someone placed under a spell, and in a way this topic is in that vein.

Recently, I’ve noticed my cat, Sophie, exhibiting human traits.

It all started when I was chewing on a straw, a nervous habit of mine. Well, I’m sitting on the couch with hubby and chewing on the straw from my drink when Sophie jumps up in my lap and bites the other end.

A tug of war ensued with her the winner only because I was laughing so hard.

The next day I’m at my desk sipping on a glass of ice tea through a straw, set it down and her ears perk up. She slinks over from her place on my desk and well, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Whenever animals imitate human behavior, it always gives me pause.

When Sophie is having a difficult time settling down, I can say, lie down and go to sleep and she obeys as though trained. Of course we all know cats are too independent to do what they are told. Yet, there are times when I say things to her without any kind of voice inflection and she responds like a human would, I have to wonder how much is verbal response or a sixth sense response.

Whatever the reason, it serves to remind me just how connected all living things are, regardless of the species and our physical differences.


Melissa Alvarez said...

Oh wow - what a great picture Sally! That is very interesting that she's exibiting human behavior. And she has the deepest eyes - you can get drawn into them.


Melissa Alvarez

Dani said...

What a beautiful fur baby! She looks like she can be a hoot.

I love my fur babies and get a kick out of seeing them drink from my cup or things like that. It's interesting how they seem to know what you're saying sometimes.

N.J.Walters said...

Wonderful pictures. I love Sophie's eyes. Animals are amazing creatures. You never know what they're thinking.

Nicole Austin said...

Wow, great pictures. How cool! Sopie has some amazing eyes.

Sally Painter said...

Hey M! I agree. Her eyes are da dooroo!

Sally Painter said...

Hey Dani. It is kinda freaky how much they seem to undrestand.

Sally Painter said...


Sally Painter said...

Hey Nic! She is the cat seer! (g)