Monday, May 19, 2008

My Onomatopeia Is Bigger Than Yours!

She drives large vehicles filled with screeching carbon-based life forms! She works eighty hour weeks! She cleans after colleagues, spouses and offspring! She cooks for six on a budget for two! She still manages sex between conference calls, appointments and loads of laundry! Sheeee’s...


You all know one. Or maybe you’re one yourself. The lioness, bitch, sister, chauffeur, mother, blogger, huntress, pilot, store clerk, astronaut, stay-at-home parent, and diver. Me, I’m too lazy to be a Superwoman, but hell do I know a few! Good on them, I say! And why not? I don’t subscribe to the point of view that warns these women are ticking time bombs, that a person can’t do it all. Women have been “doing it all” for thousands of years. We’ve hunted and gathered, for Pete’s sake! We’ve waged wars, killed ourselves some wooly mammoth (yum!) and have flown to space. It’s not feminism (don’t get me started on that bullshit), it’s not emancipation or a paradigm of modern thinking. It’s being a Woman. A Hussy. Husswife. House Goddess, as Roseanne said. Different names for the same thing. It’s not new and it’s not going away either.

So breathe, ladies. Just breathe. You're not the first, the only one or the last. It takes a whole lot more than crazy hours and crazier jobs, no pay or too little of it, a few extra pounds or not enough curves to bring us down. We may not have Superwoman’s invisible jet or snazzy costume. But dammit, we’re more than half the population on this planet.

I’m no connaisseur of radical chic, mind you. I’m just a writer. I make stuff explode and sit in front of a computer screen all day. What do I know?!

But I am a Hussy.


Ciana Stone said...

Bravo Nat! I think there are a lot more superwomen than are realized. Heck, maybe we're all superwomen and just don't know it.

Personally, I'm to the age that I like the idea of being a superwoman with minions to do my bidding. Or at least pitch in :)Men who do their own laundry, do the grocery shopping and help with the chores? Yeah, bring it on! The day my honey started doing that I knew I'd achieved something fabulous. A real partnership. Two people working together to accomplish goals and make life work without overburdening either one.

Does that demote me from superwoman status? I think not. After all, training the perfect husband is a hard job. There should at least be a gold plated bra in there for work well done:)

NathalieGray said...

A gold plated bra?!? I WANT ONE!!!!!

Oooooh, the shiny....