Friday, May 30, 2008

Love Beyond

I knew there was something I forgot to do Friday morning. Post this. Well, my excuse is a busy busy day of non-stop work and then an evening of SciFi channel. I love Battlestar Galactica! Really miss Stargate, but that's a different kind of post.

Here's the one for Friday and my apologies for not getting it posted on my real day. (G)

A lot has been written about love letters by my sista hussies which were most eloquent! But what about those love letters from beyond the grave?

There are countless stories of the eternity of love that even death cannot stop loved ones from communicating. I've had personal experiences that levae no doubt in my mind that Sam was right in the movie, GHOST, when he told Molly that you take the love with you. What a wonderful line that was.

My personal experiences have been through dreams and signs that were so profound and obvious anyone would have recognized. A phrase a loved one used that is repeated over and over every place I turn, on TV, radio, internet, in conversations with others.

The other side is trying to communicate with you, are you listening? Well, some might wonder how to listen. It's simple. You just become aware of everything around you and you can hear the whispers of loved ones.

Sometimes our loved ones manage to manifest in front of us for brief moments and actually give an audible message. This obviously requires a great expenditure of energy, so the appariation itself is a visible declaration of that love that goes beyond words.

You can read some real life documented cases of such contact here. Entire books have been written about such cases and many have witnesses to these personally delivered messages, but if you aren't so lucky to have an astral athelete in your group of loved ones who have passed on, then pay attention to their messages. Usually these are constant.

You may catch a whiff of cigar smoke when there is no one smoking and be reminded of your grandfather. A brief pungent scent of roses might fill your nostrils. A chill might shiver through you. A butterfly may flutter around your head reminding you of your mother's passion for painting them. Oftentimes these are called omens, but more appropriately they are cosmic love letters sent to remind you of that love Sam was talking about. We take it with us!

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Nicole Austin said...

Now these are my kind of love letters! You definitely have to be receptive and looking for them otherwise you'll miss the messages. When I first started receiving little messages from my father, I pushed them off as just my mind playing tricks on me. Now it makes my day when I get a sign he's stopped by for a visit.