Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Book Talk

It's a great week for books with ten new releases from Ellora's Cave Publishing, and one of them is by my hussy sista, Nathalie Gray. Woot! Any book with The Lethal, Take No Prisoners Hussie's name on the cover is guaranteed to go BOOM, baby! Oh yeah!

Releasing Wednesday:

Emerald Green - Desiree Holt (Contemporary)

9 ½ Years - Cheryl Dragon (Romantic suspense / owym)

Crimson Thrall - Aubrey Ross (Vampire / light bondage)

Samantha and Her Genie - Daisy Dexter Dobbs (Paranormal / Rubenesque)

Releasing Thrusday:

Love Thy Neighbor - Amy Ruttan (Contemporary / owym)

Too Tempting - Karen Erickson (Contemporary / owym)

Releasing Friday:

Knight's Emerald - B.J. McCall (Paranormal)

Dr. Feelgood - Alice Gaines (Contemporary / owym)

Claire's Hostage - Trinidad West (Paranormal)

Mechanical Rose - Nathalie Gray (Futuristic)

You're still here. What are you waiting for? Go forth, grab the books and get carried away in a sexy story.

Happy Reading!

So naughty it's scandalous!

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