Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gettin' Naughty - Star-crossed or Weak?

Star-crossed lovers, a pair whose relationship is doomed before it even begins, and often ends tragically. Two characters destined to meet and fall in love. Pshaw! What a load of crap!

We can thank William Shakespeare for the most famous star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. IMHO, Romeo and Juliet weren't truly willing to fight for what they wanted. They were immature and lazy.

Other famous star-crossed couples include Sir Lancelot and Lady Guinevere, Tristan and Isolde. The theme is one that has been used endlessly in books, television shows and movies. Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind. Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala in Star Wars. Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater in Titanic. Even Mick St. John and Beth Turner on the popular show Moonlight are star-crossed lovers.

The star-crossed lovers are so deep in love but something keeps them apart. They are so over the top in love that they can’t go on without the other. *groaning* Give me a break! If you’re not willing to fight, face some difficulties, and make sacrifices to be with this supposed love-of-your-life then how much do you really love them? Not much!

We’ve all heard the stories of a mother who suddenly finds superhuman strength to lift the car off her baby. Her love is so strong it knows no bounds. Physical limitation will not keep her from protecting her child just like nothing should keep genuine love from being suppressed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for romance and undying love. Throw in lots of tests, trials and obstacles for the couple to overcome and it’s even better. HEA is an important factor in all my books, even if the HEA is only implied or a future possibility, its still there. But ending your life because your lover is dead? IMHO, that character is weak and has some major mental issues to be using the death of a lover as justification for suicide. Your lover would want you to go on and live a full life, not cut your existence short because you’re too weak to live without them.

And hello, if you are so deeply in love with someone nothing is going to get between you and your lover. Not your family, friends, age, religion, race, sex, societal dictates and prejudices…nothing! When I read a star-crossed lover story, I want to smack the characters and tell them to find their backbones.

Regardless of the obstacles there are ways to make your relationship work if it’s what you really want. You can find a way if your heart is truly involved with a little effort. The least you do is kick the Fates in the ass and find a Sci-Fi geek to blow a big hole in destiny then make your own path. You come out fighting, use your intelligence, and keep at it until you find a way to make it work!

Nic (stepping down from soapbox)
So naughty it's scandalous!

*Note: No star-crossed lovers were intentionally harmed during this rant. This is simply my personal opinion of a common plot that drives me crazy! No other Hussies participated in the making of this rant so send the hate mail to me if you must send hate mail, but I'd really rather you didn't.*


Sally Painter said...

Snickering. I love ya, Nic! NITW as Nat says. But seriously, I think you've summed it up nicely.

I do like SCL in ROMANCE fiction though because there is the HEA. WOOT!

I always thought Romeo and Juliet was just too tragic. I mean come on. Wait a few minutes to make sure she's really dead before gulping that poison, boy!

I'm going to borrow your soapbox on Friday, because my post will be a PRO SCL in romance fiction. Ducking...

Nicole Austin said...

Thanks, Sally! Love you too!

The plot definitely has its appeal. Some readers do enjoy the tragic story lines and for some tales, it just works.

NathalieGray said...

That angle has been overused, I think. To me it's exactly like that fated mate thing. Characters "doomed" (to love, to die, to whatever) from the start because Fate says so. I think it's lazy.

What hate mail? If this post genarates angry retorts, well...that be so...sad.

Nicole Austin said...

Some readers get upset when you dis their favorite plot line. Not that I'm worries about that. If I was, I wouldn't have written this post. LOL!

BOB said...

Great Post Nic, you said it well.
As for hate mail don't sweat it, everyone has an opinion.

Ciana Stone said...

Wooo baby! Nic you summed up my feelings perfectly. I have no patience with weak-willed people and people who won't man up and fight for what they want.

Life isn't a "get what I want or I whack myself" game. It's a fight for what you want on whatever battlefield you find yourself and when you win, then you celebrate your victory and live HEA.

Love isn't cheap and doesn't come easy. Even when you find the "love of your life" there's conflict and strife and oh-boy does life sometimes get smack dab in your way.

But obstacles are just challenges to be overcome. If you don't at least stand up and try then you're a real loser.

Thanks for voicing it so perfectly.

TK Winters said...

ROFLMAO! I love the disclaimer. I guess there is a cup of tea for every body ... I'm not too fond of the type of star-crossed lovers you mention either.

Rachel.C said...

Life and love are like a rose garden. If you tend it well it looks beautiful but tending takes effort, lots of effort. Even then there are thorns. Soooo many things are against you, the whether, the soil you plant in, the possiblilty that some one will come along and dig it up. Some people just don't want to put in the effort.
Ever seen a rose garden that's been left unattended? No a good thing.
As for star crossed, I HATE IT!!
No one's going to hand you what you want, you have to get out there and go after it. That includes the person you love. Besides, if you want a tragedy just pick up a thriller, turn on the TV or step outside, the world is full of them. Me? I want the HEA.

N.J.Walters said...

I freely admit that I hated Gone With the Wind. Loved the book, hated the ending!

I'm all about the HEA. I don't mind star-crossed lovers as long as I get a payoff at the end of the story.