Sunday, May 18, 2008

Releasing your inner Hussy

If you read the subject line and automatically assume that this is going to be about sex and men .... WRONG! We're talking inner Hussy, Not inner sex machine.

Funny how a word can be so misunderstood or evolve over time. Husewif was probably one of the earliest version of the word, meaning "mistress of a household, housewife." Note the word mistress. To be mistress of a house means more than being at the beck and call of everyone within the house. It means managing the house, making sure that it is cleaned, stocked, repaired and safe.

Sure the word was downgraded to mean something negative in the 1920s or 30s. But the original word still applies. Hussies are typically mistresses of the home. And a mistress comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. Some are soft-spoken and mild-mannered. Others are loud and bold. Everyone has their own management style. Some work exclusively in the home. Others hold down full time jobs and still manage the home. Yet others work and hire someone to manage the home.

Being a Hussy is simply being a woman. A strong woman, capable of taking on the responsibilities of the home and family and even adding extra to her plate with a job or career.

So to me, if you release your inner Hussy, you're just releasing your inner strength. You're being a woman, the strongest force in the Universe. How that manifests is entirely up to you. You can be colorful,bold, outrageous and opinionated or refined, cultured, sophisticated and soft-spoken. It's all up to you.

In short, it's all about attitude and what you want the world to see when they look at you.

For me, well, I'm not the shy type. I write erotic romance, create erotic images in photography and graphic arts and feel no shame in any of it. On the other hand, I'll take just as much pride in taking photos of a sunset or a child. It's all art and that's my thing so I embrace all facets of it and feel grateful that I have outlets for my creative expression. Sure, I still clean the bathrooms, mop the floors and pressure wash the patio. I pay attention to my family, remind my honeyman that he can ring my bell, and do favors for friends and family, helping out when I can. And I do that with as much care and pride because it's part of my life and who I am.

I'm an average woman who embraces her life and enjoys every moment she can. I'm a Hussy. I'm a woman. W O M A N. Or as the great Peggy Lee sang ....

And there you have it. Want to release your inner Hussy? Then hold you head high, pursue your passions and take pride in who you are.

Have a great Sunday!


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Sally Painter said...

I dig Peggy's hat! Love to hear her sing! Great post! Hugs.