Friday, July 04, 2008


Numbers play such an unconscious role in our lives yet many people do not place much value on numerology. For me, it’s like acknowledging the seasons and interconnection of our world, the moon and its phases, but then saying humans are unaffected. We have every element that is found in this world within our bodies. So scientifically, we are definitely connected in a very intimate way to everything and to each other.

So how do numbers figure into this? While I was meditating, it hit me that the world is a big group of numbers. It was such an eye opener that I had to share.
For example: We are governed by numbers. Don't believe it? Do you keep tabs on how much you weigh? How many pounds you’ve lost? The balance of your bank account. How much an item costs? Percentages such as tax, profit margins and fat content in milk. I mean, we count calories, carbs, protein grams. We’re concerned about the number in our cholesterol, our blood pressure, our temperature. We are given meds that we take three times a day for so many days.

We live in houses comprised of a number of square feet. Our address is comprised of numbers. A loan for a house is based on how many numbers we have in our credit rating, debt to income ratio. Our vehicles get so many miles to a gallon. We travel a number of miles per hour. We live our lives based on where the hands point to the numbers on the clock or our digital clock flashes. Radio stations are found at certain numbers as TV channels. We call each other on the phone by using a series of numbers. We have a social security number. We count words, number of pages and number of books we've read or written. The binary system of computers is typically just two numbers - 0 and 1. And the list goes on and on.

So whenever we consider a name equaling a number value, it really isn’t so strange. And, your name and your birthdate play an important part in helping us understand why we do the things we do. Even just the consonants and vowels of your name have specific meanings.

Vowels are your soul numbers which can reveal where your soul has been before and where you are on the wheel of development. In ancient times it was widely believed that vowels were sacred and forbidden to even be written. Vowels give us a glimpse into the Soul and its “Heart’s Desire”. (Similarly in astrology this would be the sun sign you were born into.)

The consonants depict the outer persona, your “Personality”. (In astrology this is your rising sign.) Know someone who is arrogant and childish? Well, that person has probably not had many lives and is considered a reincarnated baby of sorts. So we need to have more patience with them and forgive them when they throw their tantrums. After all, they are just starting out. (G) Just as someone who appears too old for their years may have been here many times before.

“Expression Number" or “Soul’s Desire” -So who we are inside and out can often be in conflict. So what happens when we combine the number of the vowels and consonants? The number reveals the individual and how you express yourself throughout life. It’s your full name given to you at birth.

Your “Life Lessons” or “Life Path” is assigned to the numbers representing your birthdate. This will reveal what you are here to do. Your purpose and goal in life.
When the bithdate and name numbers are combined we then get a complete picture of self and its relationship to the world and where and how self will move through life.

So the next time you are in traffic and see a license plate or a street number or a speed limit, just remember, we are all numbers. (VBG)

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N.J.Walters said...

You're absolutely right. Numbers do play a huge role in our lives.

I don't know much about numerology, but it's a fascinating subject.