Wednesday, July 30, 2008

When You Want More Sex...

So what do you do when you are the one who wants more sex than your partner? According to sex experts this can be very devastating to a healthy relationship if one partner's needs are not being met.

In our culture it is commonly believed that the male is always the one wanting more sex, but statistics prove this is typically not the case. More women than men claim they do not get sex as often as they'd like.

So what's a girl to do? Sex toys and masturbation can carry her only so far because the reality of sex in the human relationship at least the loving relationship is a very complex and complicated matter.

Self-esteem, feeling loved, feeling connected to the man in your life and a whole bunch of other frustrating emotions get caught up in this love-sex relationship.

Frustration is the one emotion all women agreed was the end result of not enough sex. Frustration leads to anger and is then replaced with jealousy soon balloons into suspicions of adultery especially when their non-communicative lovers do little to nothing to alleviate the fears. Sometimes men prefer a woman believe the worst than admit he just doesn't have the same level of sex-drive.

Why do men find it difficult to express themselves about this topic? At least be able to say they have a lower sex-drive than their mates. Maybe it's ego-driven and tied into being successful and powerful. Whatever the cause, sex experts recommend clearing the air, ASAP. Just make sure you don't undertake this mission during sex! The only thing that should be happening during sex is sex. Don't start talking about bills or the kids. Common sense, but experts have found this to be an area many people don't draw lines between and they should.

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