Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Keychain Condoms and the Egyptians!

Well, this discussion is proving to be such fun. I decided to do some research first on the history of condoms and then for some more novelty items.


I was surprised to find condoms could be traced back not just a few hundred years, but THOUSANDS. Yup, all the way back to 1,000 BC and the Egyptians.

Now it's interesting to note that there are paintings in the French caves-Combarelles of condoms being used. These drawings have been dated between 100 - 200 AD.

As for novelty condoms, well, I didn't find anything on that, but as for the dolphin one, I must say - WHAT? I'm inclined to think that version is geared to the sexually active younger hussies. I mean huh? Well, I can't see how it would be very sexy or arousing personally, but there had to be a marketing survey done as with all smart business people introducing new products. Right? I mean... right?

Anyway, here are some that I discovered that are truly well... you decide what they are.

#1 - The Compact Condom holder. That's what the ad said it was. Yes, it's for that very special date when you decide to powder your ah - whatever.

#2 - When you want a little snack

#3 Wicked Spiral - This one is promoted as the ultimate barrier contraceptive. Well,now, I can imagine that is true. I dubbed it 'wicked' because well, it is. (G)

#4 The Keychain Condom - The ad states for emergency use. Okay Hussies. Do you think a guy might get a tad concerned if he sees you toting a condom on your keyring? Or worse, if the guy has this keyring. RUN!

While I always think we shouldn't take life too seriously because it demands seriousness, let's just say if I needed a condom, I would definitely not be shopping for any of the novelty condoms we've discussed so far.

So what do you think of these four? If you had to choose one, which would it be? I mean, IF you needed a condom and these were your only choices. (eg)

And if you don't believe the guy when he says he can't feel anything wearing a condom, watch this:


Dani said...

ROFLMAO!!! OMG, that video was too funny! I bet you'll never see that kind of ad on TV.

As for what condom I'd use of the four you posted, well I'd have to chose the Wicked Spiral. It just looks too interesting to pass up.

Sally Painter said...

Hey Dani. I'm sure it wouldn't make it on network TV, too!

Nicole Austin said...

ROFL! That video is hysterical.

I'm surprised about condoms having been around so long.

Sally Painter said...

Hey Nic! Me too, although I didn't find anything about how effective they were. (g)