Sunday, July 20, 2008

I want a man ...

That's mechanical? Yes. Androidism is more common than many realize. It's long been part of the science-fiction world and has even worked its way into romance.

Ah yes, the perfect man, programmed for pleasure, built to follow commands and you never have to worry about him getting a beer belly.

But could we really love a machine? And is it really a possibility that a machine could be made that could fulfill the role of a lover?

Well a research professor at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology thinks so. He got inspired when he saw Lucy Liu do a belly dance in the Charlie's Angels' movie and signed up for lessons. And discovered that the dance echoed the movements of the lampreys he was studying.

Ah ha! If the lamprey's movements really do resemble that of a human dance, maybe they could serve as the model for articulating robotic spines.

Now why is that so spectacular? Because robots who are supported by flexible motorized spines could interact with humans like a human. In short, they'd have "the moves"

"Some people believe that in the future, there will be a market for robot lovers," Or said.

Well, honey, not if they look like this. When the caption asks "What will you do with yours?" the absolute LAST thing on my mind is "oh baby, let's get it on."

Sorry, that doesn't jazz my juice.

However, if anyone ever comes up with the equivalent of my favorite android - Lt. Commander Data of the Starship Enterprise.... well, I just might have to pull a Tasha Yar on the thing.

But what about you? Could an android be the "man of your dreams?"


Minime said...

Lover of the body, yeah. But a love of the heart? That I don't know about. Because if you have to program in that emotion for a robot to show you, how real is that?

I can believe that a robot would be used for Mr. Right Now, but not for Mr. Right. I mean, yeah, guys have their faults and all, but so do women. And that is what makes us human.

I mean, bad boys are born not made. *smile* It wouldn't be the same if you had to program one.

Dani said...

I just don't see that happening in my world unless they looked like a romance cover model with the equipment to match.

I don't think that they could program a robot to have emotions let alone understand them. I still think this concept (outside of books) is many years off.

Ciana Stone said...

I don't know that android love is ever something I could buy into outside of fiction. Now if it was possible to take a person and transfer their consciousness into a super fine bod that had all the sensation capabilties of a human, I'd be signing myself and my honey up. Marathon love-fest, android-style. Hmmm, yeah I could do that - as long as the damn thing didn't operate on D-cell batteries:)

N.J.Walters said...

In fiction, reality, no.