Friday, July 18, 2008

If I Were a Guy, I'd Be Gay

You know why I like guys so much? Because they say things like what's below (hi Chase). No froufrou, no tiptoeing around, no internal monologue and nail-biting about how others will view their words or if it’s going to mess someone’s online Feng Shui. Just a guy’s honest opinion. You want it? You ask for it? Guys, they give it to you.

A guy won’t ask “Honey, does that make me look fat?” He doesn’t care if it does or not make him look fat, because chances are, he already knows. Mirrors, they do that to you.

Am I promoting antifeminist, stereotypical, sexist bullshit? Could be. I don’t have a degree in psychology. I’m not a connaisseur of radical chic. And oh, I don’t care. I like manly guys who say what’s on their mind, don’t apologize for it and if they have a sense of humor on top of frankness? I’m SO there, drooling and rubbing my knife and fork together.

I wonder if we’re not trying to make our guys too much like our girl friends. You know what I mean? Try to have them be everything to us, when just being our “mate” (God, I loathe that word now...after 1 gazillion books drove it into the ground) and everything it implies is more than enough.

I like guys. Sue me.


Nicole Austin said...

You are so NOT a girly girl, Nat. I love that about you because neither am I. No pretenses. What you see is what you get, baby. You rock!

Ciana Stone said...

Bravo to my sister "non-girly-girls". I've tried to be girly. It didn't take. Decided I wasn't cut out for it. Now happily I have some Hussy sisters who fit into my non-girly world :) Whooo hoooo!

And Nat, I'm with you. I like the way men think and the way they phrase things. It's so ... man. Yeah, I dig the guys, too :)