Monday, July 14, 2008

Let's Talk About...Funky Condoms?

Oh puhlease! What the hell were those pinhead executives thinking? A condom shaped like a dolphin. *shaking head* All I can say is at least they didn't make it blue or give it a dorsal fin. Sheesh!

Sure, you're supposed to have fun in the bedroom and laugh a bit, but if my partner approached me wearing a dolphin on his cock, his ego would take a big hit from my hysterical laughter. I can't imagine a guy who would buy those because the last thing a man wants is to have a woman laugh at his best friend. They tend to be pretty sensitive about their buddy and our opionion of it.

Now the seashell shaped one, Inspirational, may just have some decided benefits. That one could create some interesting friction. If you have to use condoms, getting extra stimulation from them would be nice! And several of the manufacturers have some interesting options—texturing, ribbing and even some condoms that have a warming lubricant or tingling spearmint lubricant. Wowza!

The smart people at Trojan sell a vibrating ring with 20 minutes of battery power that can be used with or without a condom to really spice things up. You have the option of one or two mini vibrators. I'd imagine it would also function as a cock ring and hold the condom securely in place. Hmm...anyone want to volunter to research this product and report back? Any takers? *g*


N.J.Walters said...

Ah, the things we research in the name of...well, research. *g*

Some crazy items on the market, but some very interesting ones too. :-)

Ciana Stone said...

Vibrate, tingle and titilate... today's condoms do it all. Why you hardly even need a penis inside these things. Just slip one over a ... cucumber and tada ... penile support organic style.

No seriously, it's good that condom manufacturers are putting their energy toward making a better product - since they're handy dandy must-have items might as well design them to give a little extra:)

Dani said...

A vibrating ring with a condom... Let's here it for Trojan! They really are thinking lately or finally listening to what people want. I wonder what they're gonna come up with next.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a vibrating condom, finally they are thinking of a woman's pleasure! :)

Although those dolphin and banana shaped condoms....errr yea that would probably be a major mood killer unless you were going for the humor and the laughter during sex play!


candycay said...



Nicole Austin said...

"Penile support organic style" bwahahahaha! You crack me up, Ci. I love it!

Yes, since they are a necessary item its about time they make them more geared toward pleasure!