Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Man of Steel?

Oh my, Ci! I'm not sure what to say but sex droids bring a whole different meaning to the term "man of steel" that's for sure. Androids are supposedly made to resemble and behave like humans. Perhaps someday a wise and talented techno genius will actually produce androids realistic enough that they could be mistaken for a real person.

The fantasy is alive considering all the fiction written with droids but romance? *shaking head* Droids do not feel or have human emotions. It may work in fiction but I sure can't see it in real life. Falling in love with a sex droid would be on par with falling in love with your vibrator. I'll admit that some of the new vibes have some pretty amazing features but come on.

For those not in a relationship, having sex with a droid is probably better than no sex. With technological advancements they might even be better lovers than a real man since they can probably do things a human can't, like make it rotate to hit the good spots or adjust the size to fit. Mmm...it could vibrate, rotate, heat up...

Man of steel indeed. Premature ejaculation and impotency would no longer be a problem. And the droid wouldn't be out drinking with its poker buddies when you wanted to have some fun either. A droid also wouldn't give you shit if you gained weight or didn't fix yourself up all sexy for them.

Hey, wait a minute. Why didn't I want a sex droid? Oh yeah, emotions. Hmm...those might just be overrated. Oh wait, I know. Get the best of both worlds. Have a man and a droid. Then you could even live out the menage fantasy without messy problems like jealousy. There is some definite potential here.

Still it's not a replacement for a real relationship. Wouldn't a person still long for emotional fulfillment and ties that a droid simply isn't capable of? The droid would be merely a temporary replacement and unable to satisfy all of a person's needs. Even if programmed to express emotions they would not be real and could totally screw with your mind, stretching the boundaries between fantasy and reality until the difference was no longer clear. IMHO, we're screwed up enough already without adding droid love.

The one part of the whole idea that I do like is being able to hit the off switch when you don't feel like dealing with your droid lover. LOL! That would be pretty handy if guys came equipped with an off switch and mute button. The whole thing makes me think of that 1999 Robin Williams movie, Bicentennial Man. Remember that one?

The technology is very cool but when it comes to sex I just cant see lusting after a robot. Falling in love with one...yeah right!


candycay said...

Well an android love slave would be the ultimate B.O.B. that's for sure. LOL


N.J.Walters said...

I wouldn't think having an android lover would be fulfilling. Mabye a human lover with technological enhancements though--that could work. *g*

Minime said...

A menage with a 'droid? Mmmmm, wonder if my hubby would allow it. *smile*

Ciana Stone said...

MAN OF STEEL!!!! (pounding desk and howling) I love it!! You slay me, Nic.

So basically an android lover is just penile support. A VERY expensive toy. That's doable.

And Off switches! Ah, now there's a handy-dandy feature:)

Dani said...

I still don't know about an android lover. Now I have to say that I like N.J.'s idea of a human lover with tech enhancements as long as those enhancements had a off swtich and definitely a mute button. LOL!