Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gettin' Naughty -- That Thing You Do!

What’s my thing? Uh, I don't know, which one? I have so many things. I’m a total book hussy, got a major Jones for cool new gadgets, then there’s the pizza slut thing—as long as there are no anchovies, I’m all over it. Hmm…but none of those are the one thing, my one true obsession I can’t live without.

Figuring out what my one special thing is took a lot of deep thought, and like that old cliché, all of a sudden a light came on and illuminated my thing. Heck, I was doing that thing I do while trying to figure out what exactly my thing could be—research!

That one word encompasses a wide variety of activities to which I am totally addicted. Not a day goes by when I don’t perform research for my books. I people watch, eavesdrop, read, hunt for inspirational photos, search for new positions and get my research couples to check out the ones I'm not sure if they actually work (yes, I have real life couples who conduct research for me), look up wild and crazy sexual practices…

I am the queen of research, and I have a helper who has a way of making the Internet cough up difficult to find information. For example, she found an interesting BDSM practice normally used for punishment that I turned into a pleasurable, sexy encounter for a trio of characters. (The book is not finished yet and kind of got pushed to the back burner for a bit.) I even coerced one of my research couples into trying it out and reporting back, then I wrote one heck of a scene that shoots my temperature through the roof every time I read it. The practice—figging.

If you’ve ever used fresh ginger when cooking, you know that the juices from ginger root are very powerful if they come in contact with moist membranes. Basically, don’t rub your eyes with ginger on your hands. It gets very, very hot. In fact, this natural stimulant is much more powerful than any of the warming gels and sexual stimulant lubes available on the market.

Figging was popular in the Victorian era and was typically used in combination with punishment such as spanking, whipping or caning, which results in the tightening of the rectal muscles. When the muscles tighten, the burning from the ginger increases.

In BDSM, fresh ginger is peeled and carved into shapes for use on sensitive sexual tissues. A small sliver can be nestled against the clit, or a large piece cut into a shape similar to a butt plug and inserted in the rectum. The result is an intense burning sensation which can be an effective punishment when combined with orgasm denial. However, when combined with sexual stimulation, it can become a very erotic experience rather than discipline.

While I have not tried figging, my research couple did and told me it made for a very pleasurable session which they plan to indulge in again.

I love research. You can learn such amazing and interesting things on the Internet! Oh, and for those who are interested in perusing the inspirational photo albums mentioned earlier, links are available at The Hussies Club and have been conveniently sorted into categories. A word of caution, the albums are not safe for viewing at work or with children around. *g*

Happy reading. I hope you enjoy the results of that thing I do!


NathalieGray said...


I'll never look at it the same way again.

And now the menfolk will wonder why I'm chuckling when we next eat at our favorite little Japanese restaurant.

Nicole Austin said...

Its good to keep the men folk guessing. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Interesting find Nic ;)

TK Winters said...

I love the song, sis ... lol We live to support your research. Although I must state here for the record, I was NOT part of the figging research. lol

Ask us about swings, though ...

Dani said...

I'm with Nat, I'll never look at ginger the same way again either. Wow, you really are the queen of research Nic!