Friday, February 15, 2008

Hair from the Paranormal

Lawdy is that a can of worms or what? Can a vampire have a bad hair day? Have you ever seen one with a bad hair day other than one that has nearly been destroyed and is in process of restoration?

Just ask Claudia from Interview With the Vampire. Every time she cut hers, it grew back all perfect curly and long. I can still hear her screams.

And what about those hot male vamps? I mean it's always a good hair day.Sexy is the middle name of vamps because everything has been frozen in time. Immortal. And their hair whether good or bad before becoming vampire is magically transform into fantastic hair.

And that's the way it should be. Who wants to go through eternity with a cowlick?

And then here are the werewolves, who have well, not so good a hair day or night - ever. They are scruffy and unkept, men gone wild and as for werewomen, just know they'd prefer no one saw them out in public like that even if it is under a full moon.

(Cute vid, unfortunately got the name of Creedence incorrect, still a good job)

Ghosts on the other hand are ethereal, so hair washing is not going to happen and since they are merely energy manifesting, they can appear short hair, long hair, any kind of hair.

Which brings me to banshees. Historically known as the screaming mimis of the world their hair is always bad. It's frayed and wild and standing on end as they scream their curly heads off. A tangled mess to be truthful and hey, that's enough to make any of us scream! Been there! So perhaps that is the reason behind the banshees being in such a foul mood. Bad Hair.

Zombies are just messy critters and I've never seen a zombie with good hair, much less anything else that looks good. Unlike their distant undead cousins, vampires, zombies are braindead. So hair is not even going to enter their minds. They have none. Just a few electrical pulses sparking their rotting bodies to move and find brains to eat. I mean, it would be impossible to paint a nice doo with that picture.

Aliens, now, they come in a wide variety of shapes and forms. From grays who have no hair to the Orions who look like us only better - The movie stars of the galaxies.

Moving down the paranormal foodchain we come to demons and they are a tricky bunch because first off, they disguise themselves as humans, so if they're having a really bad hair day, just know it's by design and not chance.


Georgie Lee said...

If being a vampire means I get perfect hair, I'm ready to be bitten.

Angela Caperton said...

So...a vampiric Orion would pretty much put Vidal Sassoon out of business, AND be able to get across town in the blink of an eye during rush hour...

Beam me up, Scotty von Vlad!

Ciana Stone said...

LMAO! Put Sassoon out of biz??? Hehehe.

And OMG I'd forgotten how awful the hair was in these films. eeek!! Obviously they needed to bite someone who was on the Atkins diet - protein ya know :)

Sally Painter said...

I hear ya, Gerogie! Bring on the vamp good hair. Long silky tresses on men and women.

Sally Painter said...

LOL, Angela you have it down to a science. Go for it!

Sally Painter said...

Ci, so true! Most of the hair in Underworld was wet. It rained a lot in that movie. I so love the movie though. It has the best vamp music!

Interview with the Vampire has one scene ith Pitt and Banderas that is very sexually charged and their hair is to die for!

N.J.Walters said...

LOL So true. The gorgeous, long-haired vamp and the more unkempt, wild werewolf. As long as the zombies stay away, I'm fine. *g*