Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sheiks, Cowboys and oil tycoons...where have all the good tech support guys gone?

He wrapped a hand around her nape then arched her spine into a pretzel shape. Kissed up her mile-long pillar of neck, over a needle-sharp chin and lips stung by at least ten bees. Bambi eyes looked pleadingly up at him.
"Kiss me," she breathlessly hissed in a breathless voice.

His eyes roved over her heart-shaped face strangely shaped like a heart, where full and bountiful curls framed her...erm...heart-shaped face. Then he spotted something behind her. Sitting on her desk. All shiny. So precioussssss.

(cue in the violin note)

“A Fentek Kinesis ergonomic keyboard?” he said in a whisky-smooth voice that smelled of peppermint and aftershave. “Sexy.”


Okay, okay, so I had too much fun writing this bit. But hey, I figured if I can’t make someone smile on a Saturday morning, what good am I on this planet?

But I digress.

You know, I’ve noticed something missing in romance novels. Someone, to be more exact. A new breed of (mostly) men who drop everything they're doing to fly...okay, take the someone’s help. Men who will brave the scariest places under tables and desks in search of the problem, who think nothing of spending hours working out the tiniest detail, for sometimes not much gratitude. Only the strong may apply. Many have been lured by the high tech environment, the shiny machines. But when crunch time comes and the phones start ringing, only the brave will survive. Because when all else fails, who you’re gonna call? In our case, not the Ghostbusters.

The tech support guy.

The new knight in shining armor. The 21st century rescuer of the damsel about to throw her computer out the goddamn window. Even if it’s the kind that doesn’t open...

The tech support guy is, alas, quasi inexistent in romance novels. Why? Because a sensitive guy with a wicked sense of humor and who likes to fix things isn’t considered as sexy as, say, an oil tycoon. You know the one, supposedly filthy rich, young enough to be sexually relevant, broad-shouldered, smooth-voiced, and SINGLE oil tycoon? Yeah, you ever see one of those, you call me. And sheiks, mmm? Sexy? Sure…

So I challenge the romance community to give us more novels with the tech guy as hero. Yes. I want me some sexy tech support guy to sweep me off my feet and want to “set up a LAN” if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

Watch the following spoof of the annoyingly self-righteous Mac ads. It had nothing (absolutely nothing) to do with this post, but I almost choked on the morning orange juice when I watched it. Enjoy! And remember, tech support guys *can* be sexy too.


N.J.Walters said...

ROFL Love the video clip. And, I agree, tech guys are sexy too.

Ciana Stone said...

Oh baby do NOT get me started on guys with brains! Yeah, we write about men who are oh-so-perfect (physically) - muscles that are the ideal size:) and men who could toss a tractor or wrestle a gator with no problem.

But say pi and they ask "is that cherry or blueberry?"


I'm a sucker for a guy with brains. Let a man start talking theories of quantum mechanics and I may not understand all of it, but it gives me a delicious shiver.
And a man who can take one look at my network and say "well, here's your problem..." I swoon. Yep, swoon.

Oh and the video? LMAO!!

Thanks Nat for a wonderfully entertaining post!!

Sally Painter said...

Yay for the ole B&B (Brains and Brawn), now that is the ultimate turnon. Thanks for the vid laugh, Nat!

NathalieGray said...

That video! Wasn't it the best?! I love these guys. And for those old enough, remember the The War of Beta vs VHS? Remember how Beta kept saying "oh, yeah, but it's better quality, and it's better this, and that." Anyone has heard of Beta since?

Hey, maybe they all work at Appel...