Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's Your Thing, do What you Wanna do

Nat brought up an interesting concept yesterday - things that make our eyes glaze over, our better judgement fly out of the window and inspire us to make our checking accounts a little lighter.

That got me to thinking. While it's a perfect pair of shoes for our lethal Hussy Nat, for me it's ...

Oh crap! I don't have anything. I just spent twenty minutes trying to come up with something. I can't find anything. There has to be something!

I have a huge collection of discs for playing disc golf, and do tend to salivate over the latest models in the catalogs, but does that really qualify since I can drive past the store and not feel compelled to pull in?

How about gadgets? I'm something of a gadget freak. Got an office full of stuff from iPods and smart phones to remote controlled R2D2. But no, I can toss a Sharper Image catalog into the trash without suffering a pang of "oh my god I didn't order anything!"

Jewelry, clothing, shoes, make-up, hair products and accessories? Nope. Music? Maybe, I think I have a full 17 days of songs on iTunes before my library has to start over. But then again, if I don't buy music for a while I don't suffer any ill effects.

Okay, I'm starting to feel anxious. I'm not normal. I don't have a "thing"!

I ran and got honey man. "I don't have a thing!"

"Sure you do, baby. In fact you have a couple of real nice things."

Okay, not what I wanted at the moment. So I explained. I needed a thing to blog about. He didn't think long. In fact, I don't think he thought at all. He just took my hand and led me through the house, not speaking, just pointing.

At all the books.

Whew! I'm so relieved. I DO have a thing. A thing for books. Last year I donated 3000 paperbacks to the library my honey's company was starting for their employees. I gave a thousand to a senior citizen's center. But not my hardbacks. No way, baby. Those are mine. And they're in every room in my house by the hundreds. Books. Food for the soul. Entertainment, inspiration, knowledge. They're worlds unto themselves and over the last five years I've spent enough on them that I could be going out today and buying that nice little hybrid car that caught my eye.

But would that car transport me to another galaxy or dimension? Would it teach me about Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle or what an aphelion is? Could it make me cry or laugh or inspire indignation or desire?

No. No no no. It could not. But my books can.

So, this Hussy is happy to say that I am NOT completely abnormal. I DO have a thing.

This is Ciana for the Hussies. Until next time ... do your thing AND remember to let your inner hussy out to play. I bet she has a 'thing' or two!


Minime said...

Hehe. My thing is books also. I'll tell the hubby that I am going to the store to buy food (which I have every intention of doing) and end up at the bookstore that is no where near the grocery store. Then when I get home several hours later, the hubby asks what took so long. My response, "I got lost" or when he asks me after seeing a Borders bag in my hand, "The books were calling my name".

See me going to the bookstore on the way to the store wouldn't be so bad if they were close to each other, but there is not one that is within striking distance of each other. They are in opposite directions.

Or purses might be considered my thing. But that only happens when I get bored with the current one I have. Then it is like spring cleaning. Out with the old, in with the new.

Sally Painter said...

I have too many things. Oh man! Books! Yes, Books! And, I love plants. The more the better. I love rocks and crystals, especially quartz.

I love design, used to be an interior designer. I still go gaga over houses and furniture, fabrics, oh heck all of it.

My thing doesn't stop there, baby. I love jewelry. Baubles give me Baubles!!!

I love tarot decks and drool over all the designs and have to hang on to my credit card to keep from snatching more. I'm into numerology, past lives and anything that is new age.

And yes, I like clothes and shoes and makeup and girly things! But I'm happy outdoors, too, I crave green and woods and rivers and streams.

I crave music, all kinds. Color! I love color.

I thrived on traveling and going on adventures. Can't stay in one spot too long.

Okay, now you know why I'm the gyspy hussy.(vbg) In case you were wondering. hahaha

Chrissy said...

hmmm my 'things' are books of course (they're all over the place in the house - and now storage) never mind all the ebooks which thankfully just take up space on the external harddrive.

Christmas ornaments - love them, especially handmade ones (which I normally make myself) and Hallmarks

and cross stitch kits and/or patterns! I have two huge totes full of kits and patterns and I know I'll never have the time to do all of them but can't resist picking up ones that I like when I see them either. Plus there are 3 other projects I currently am working on with no possibility of completing anytime soon :)

Deb said...

ROFL!! Yeah, books are one of my things.
I cannot go with out them, I even take my ereader to parent teacher conferences.
I find myself saying to my honey, "gee I wonder if this town has a B&N or

Nicole Austin said...

Of course we all have the book thing. Hello, book hussies! Enough said.

I have a thing for pricey electronic things. Plasma HD TV, GPS in the car (affectionately known as the GPS Bitch) that I love to argue with, and my newest gadget...a wireless printer. Yeah, baby. I can be anywhere in the house on the laptop and print stuff. How cool is that. I'm jonesing for an Iphone, but I'm waiting for version two with all the upgrades and such.

And prettyful baubles...*sigh*. I lover silver with pretty colored stones and crystals. Not that I ever have the opprotunity to wear them, but I still love them! Kinda like a dragon, I horde my gems and keep them safely tucked away in my jewelry box.

N.J.Walters said...

My thing is books, although I'm just as happy to browse a bookstore. I don't always have to buy.

My hubby doesn't even think of passing by a bookstore without us stopping in. *g* He knows me so well. LOL

I often said that I worked in a bookstore for over eleven years just so I could support my habit. I could pick books off the shelf and read them without having to buy them. That was heaven.

After reading the other comments, I realized that rocks and crystals are my thing...and beach glass. LOL My collection is small, due to weeding out and too many moves, but it's there.

Anonymous said...

I am a bag lady. I love bags of all kinds, shapes and colors. I buy them all the time so I can give them away. Paper bags for gifts? Pffft. I want a pretty little purse or tote to stuff my pressies in. I have made bags, painted and primped them, but now I don't have time for that. *sigh*

Hello. My name is Susan and I'm a bag lady.

NathalieGray said...

Oooh, anonymous, bags. I "get" bags, too. Pretties!