Friday, February 29, 2008

It's Your Thang, Do What You Wanna Do...

It's your Thang do what you wanna do... so in the paranormal world this can mean a lot of things. (eg)

For the vamp we'd assume it means drinking blood, but not all vamps are created equal. Some are in angst over their new lifestyle while others revel in the pure evilness of it and then there are middle of the road vamps who have adjusted and made it more civilized, but the ultimate shared thang for vamps is hey, they're undead and undead they will stay until someone stakes, garlics, or holy waters them. Sometimes all three.
Another thang is the obvious, no sunlight. Nothing new here, yawn, but there could be. What about a shapeshifting sexy vamp who has a thang for Italian food? The two-legged kind. Enter the connoisseurs of genetics. Yup, vamps who will only drink from certain ethnic groups. Now that's a cool thang to mix up the old and expected. We, including the things bumping in the night, are all creatures of habit and familiarity alas breeds contempt especially in the immortal. What about a vamp who has a thang for vintage cars and knew Michelangelo during the day. Now that is a very cool thang to be able to recount at a vamp dinner party just before the entrees are served up-screaming.
This vid is a hoot! Campy and complete with a kind of Egor! One film I've not seen. Must go buy Dinner With a Vampire. Must...

As for weres and their thang, well, short of howling and ravaging, I can't think of too many. You won't find one with a penchant for silver jewelry and certainly none born with a silver spoon in their mouths, but still, there is a certain bad puppy allure surrounding a were, like he really needs a good home. Er… the real question is once you've brought him home will you be able to house train him? Ah... not on a night with a full moon.

Ghosts have a thang for the dark and creepy. No surprises there unless they are of the demonic variety and then their thang is going to be possession. As for a banshee, the obvious is that deafening spine splitting shriek that pretty much says all you want to know about the she-devil, yet like the succubus, there's more than meets the eye, as in motivation. Because all paranormal creatures have the strongest motivations. Sometimes they might not be obvious, but if you delve deep enough, you discover these are really their thangs and they are going to do whatever they want to do. There's no stopping them. They will risk everything to see that they obtain their thang and sometimes that might just be you! Bwaaahhh!


Ciana Stone said...

Love the vids and the look into the paranormal "thangs". Man oh man, do the Hussies ever have a diverse list of things eh?

Happy Friday!

Sally Painter said...

Happy Friday back, Ci! One THANG we all neglected to say - WE WRITE! How obvious is that? Duh!