Friday, February 22, 2008

Intuitive Psychic Men or Not

A reader sent me the following ad she found. I must say it's probably the most bizarre I've ever seen:

"New York City - Erotic Psychic Reading Wanted. Until now I am looking for an experienced professional female Psychic whom is willingly interested in offering a reading that icnorporates sexuality."
This is a new kind of reading! I have to wonder too, what was he looking for previously?
"Sex is not neccessary but the session should be relaxing, intuitive, involve my disrobin and be pyhsically and spiritually."
Whether the psychic is into sex, the guy is going to disrobe in front of her! OMG!

"On one hand I am interested in tarot and cliarvoyance. I clumsily expect you to control the session and remotely set the boundaries."
Now does he mean like remote viewing? The only way any woman would do this reading!

"...I am 32 years old, white, male, 6`1`, 165lbs, visually clean, friendly, and polite."
The Visually Clean part is what made me sit up and take notice. Huh?

"The session can be at your place or mine in Manhattan. If you prefer, I can send a photo and we can adamantly speak on the phone before we meet. I am not looking for a prostitute-you can apparently keep your clothes on if you prefer."
LMAO. Okay, now what psychic would choose NOT to keep her clothes on? No, wait, what psychic would even show up for this reading? It doesn't take a psychic to figure this out!

"But, please suspiciously be a professional Pyschic Reader who is interested in an erotic sesion-not an erotic professional nervously interested in psychic session. "
This is the part where I spewed coffee all over my computer screen. Suspiciously professional? Almost as bad as Adamantly Speak on the Phone.

Well, there you have it. I'm flabbergasted. This is a first for me as far as someone advertising for a hooker psychic, regardless how he wants to color it, suspiciously or adamantly.

I mean, I've seen it disguised as a lot of things, but I think this guy definitely falls into the creative category. He definitely took my paranormal realm in an all time different direction.

Now, do you think he got many responses to that ad? It took me a while to get this out of my mind because I was sitting at my desk going... What? What? WHAT?

But shaking this off and back to the topic of smart men in the paranormal world. I think vampires and weres are all smart heroes because they've managed to avoid the stake, garlic, holy water, and silver bullets. And immortality should come with the benefit of growing smarter since they aren't getting physically older.

And what does a smart vamp or were know how to do? Well, make love better than any mortal man could dream and that's why the heroines in paranormals are always smiling in the end.


NathalieGray said...

Ooooh, me want this picture for a cover! Me want, me want! :)

And yes, I agree, when an immortal character, who is supposed to be hundreds of years old, acts like a nitwit, I'm always wondering, man, I know 14 year olds who have more wisdom. What's up with him/her?! Sometimes, authors forget that aspect and focus too much of the character's "wordly" experience.

Lover of Books said...

lol okay I agree about the vampires and as for the want ad. Can we say creepy? lol


Minime said...

Makes me wonder what is going on their life to put this ad in the paper. The world is full of strange (and at times, interesting) people. Especially those out there that make a person go "Mmmm".

Nicole Austin said...

ROFL @ the ad. What a moron!

Mmm...yes. Yummy smart vamps and weres with lots of expertise.

Sally Painter said...

Nat, I just love that pic too! Wouldn't it make a super cover?

Sally Painter said...

I agree, Krista. ewww...

Sally Painter said...

Ya, Sandra. I hate to think this person was serious!

Sally Painter said...

Hiya Nic,

Well, I thought it was a great example of the opposite of Smart Men theme this week. (rolling eyes skyward)

Deb said...

Sally, I do love my vamps and were's but yes, some brains would be good.
OMG, that add.. yikes.

Ciana Stone said...

Oh Sally, this was sublime. And yes, it begs one to wonder just how many neurons actually fire in this brain to put out such an ad!!

Sally Painter said...

Hiya Deb!

Gotta have some brains to go with the brawn. (g)

Sally Painter said...

Hiya Ci! I doubt there were any responses, huh?

N.J.Walters said...

That ad was creepy. The strange thing is that he probably got a few answers.