Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What makes a good lover and what is the perfect pearl?

Talk to ten women and ask them what makes a good lover, and you'll get ten different answers. They can be anythning from alpha to beta, tall to medum size, tender to rough...well, you get the picture. In most of my Desiree Holt books, my heroine finds the one lover she wants, although the course is often bumpy. But there he is, making her, hot, needy and wanting. Always wanting...for more. And there's always the question of who's seducing who. And is it just for sex or is there more to the relationship? In my latest release from Ellora's Cave, Journey to the Pearl, I wanted my heroine to be bored, restless, and searching for both a missing valuable and perfection between the sheets.

Miranda Fox worked for ten years to build her technology company into a success, then sold it for more money than she could count. But during that time she put her personal life on hold, barely dating, ignoring her sexual urges. Now she wants it all, the sex, the men, but every man falls short of her expectations. Unfortunately, Miranda keeps finding smooth talkers who con her out of just about anything they can, including a rare pearl her latest lover has made off with.

Complaining to a friend at dinner one night that she has to track down her pearl -a symbol of her success-and at the same time find the perfect lover, she opens a Chinese fortune cookie that tells her “find the perfect pearl and you will find the perfect lover.” Enlists the help of her friend, B.J. McNamara to trace who might have her preciious jewel, she sets off on an odyssey that brings her highly erotic experioences and very sophisticated lovers, but neither the perfect lover nor the perfect pearl. Frustrated, she returns home where she runs into B.J. at a casual boaters' bar and pours out her tail og woe to him. Although the private investigator is any woman’s wet dream, Miranda has somehow never seen him that way.

Until that afternoon when, over a casual drink, Miranda feels an enormous sexual pull with B.J. she never felt before. Her body is reacting as it never did to her sophnisticated lopvers, even when she took more thana one at a time. Accepting his invitation to continue their drink on his boat, Miranda finds herself introduce to a world of eroticism beyond anything she'd imagined. And, unlike her other lovers, she realizes here is a man totally concerned with giving her pleasure. It takes B.J. to teach her whaty the perfect pearl really is.

Would you like to know? You'll find the answer in Journey to the Pearl at Ellora's Cave's Exotika line. Happy reading. And be sure to have plenty of ice cubes ready.


Nicole Austin said...

I have this on my ebook reader, now I just need some of that elusive free time. The story sound great!

Thanks for hanging with the Hussies today. :D

Sally Painter said...

Welcome Judith! Your book sounds super.

Angela Caperton said...

Mmm...Pearls...one of my very favorite gems! ;o)

Definitely putting this on my list!

Thank you!