Monday, April 02, 2007

Are YOU a hussy?

I've just been reading the posts and am firmly convinced that we're connecting to sister hussies!! How exciting. So, my first thought for the day is actually a question:

How do YOU define Hussy? And what makes you one?

Reading posts on this should be fun :)


Congratulations to all our winners!!!!!

AND......... comments on posts:

Sandra: honey I know what you mean about Chase. That man makes my neurons forget how to fire properly!! Sure had fun with you on the chat. I feel that I met a new friend - a kindred spirit - a sister hussy!!!!

Cindy: girl you are DEFINITELY a hussy at heart! Too worn out with hunks? Oh child, is that possible? It's those hunks that keep our creative juices flowing (among other things)

Julianne: woo hoo baby! Thanks for taking time to have fun with us. And I'm with you sister, ready to ride at the drop of a hat. Funny how easy it is to talk us into that, eh?

Readingissomuchfun: yeah baby - cowboys are sooo sexy and we hussy gals do love to ride!! Hope you'll stop in often and keep us posted on your own riding adventures :)

Cig5: thanks for stopping by and reading the blog. I think psychics are amazing and so interestng. Denise is just incredible and the winner of the reading is going to be a lucky gal. I hope you'll stop by again soon!!

Michelle b: oh Michelle, you sly gal. loved the "started out with a bang" comment. Just laughed out loud and scared the crap out of the birds on the feeder. Thanks for visiting. I do hope you'll come back. Can't wait to see what you'll say next!!

Pamk: So, you'd do the psychic thing again based on your previous reading? Any insights for those of us who haven't experienced it. And oh I sense a sister hussy here with that big "hell yeah!" Girl, we need to hook up and hunk cowboys :)

Cathy: LMAO - you know I felt the same way. I guess Robin and I were sista hussies in previous lives because it's like we were a tag team. What fun that was. Can't wait for the next chat, and next time honey, you just jump right in. Big sista Ci will protect you :)

Cindyb: My dear I agree completely. While I tend to be a "prove it to me" kind of gal, I still don't discount that people have abilities above and beyond the normal senses. And those who do have the abilities and use them for good the way Denise does, is fabulous!! She's just an amazing woman who has helped so many people. I feel blessed to know her. And yeah, just in case you're wondering, she DID prove it :)

And thanks for the compliements on the book, sweetie. I'm so glad you liked it.

My dear, the next chat we have YOU will definitely be part of!! Good gracious at the fun I had with you. I told Chase that I found a sista hussy who seemed to anticipate my next hussy move and was right there with me. It was such fun. And hey, you are totally awesome!!

Ruth c: That's very interesting. I didn't know that. Do you have any idea why Pisceans tend to number higher in pyschic ability that the rest of the signs?

Stephanie: You're just so sweet and kind. Thank you. And I agree. I've had great fun at fairs and carnivals with the palm readers and such. Interestingly enough I was at one with Chase a couple of years ago (right after his last divorce) and was told that he and I would be married within the year. Oh yeah, right!! He's to die for, but marry? Not!! He's way too much fun single :)

Sandra: Have to make one last comment .... I could kiss you! (Now that ought to send Chase rearing like a bronco!!). Seriously thank you so much on the comment on the book. And honey, if I get this book in print, it and me -and Chase are headed your way. (Even if I have to tie him.) Hmmm, on second thought maybe I'll hold off on the tying part until we hook up with you. And no worries, sista - what happens with the hussies, stays with the hussies! Hugs my dear. Keep in touch now!!

Robin: little sista, we need to find some hunks to get in trouble with. I have bail money tucked away. What say we head for Mexico. Got my eyes on a fine latin cowboy down there that's just prime for a couple of lusty hussies :)

To all you wonderful gals - thank you so much. I feel like we Hussies have fallen into a sisterhood, and it's just the greatest feeling. And you know, the more our numbers grow, the stronger we become. Why one day we might just rule the world!!

Woo hoo, Hussies unite. We're taking over :)

Final notes (and then I promise I'll stop)

I decided to hold this until last .... I received an email from Chase this morning and am pasting it below - he mentions you gals :)

Subject:Your Saturday chat and other things
Date:4/2/2007 6:17:56 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Mornin Ci,

Well Fancy, I don't suppose your pretty little butt is out of the bed yet, but I've been up and at it for a while. Life on the ranch ya know.

Just wanted to say thanks honey. That chat thing was fun. Glad I let you talk me into it. Sure were a lot a sassy fillies there. Made it hard on a man, if you get my drift. And I know you do. Be glad to do that again. Couple of those honeys I'd like to talk with again.

I think the new saddle is properly broken in. Thanks. Always know I can count on you to help me out (hehe). Seriously Ci. It was a memorable weekend. A man can never have too many friends. Especially ones like you. Ever wonder why we didn't hook up permanent like? Sometimes I do. Then I remember. Any man who tries to rope and tie you for more than a moment is in for misery. But one day honey you'll be ready to settle down and keep your boots in the same place. When you do... well you know where I am.

Unless one of those fine ladies from your chat thing shows up first.. Turns a man's mind to inticing ideas. Wouldn't mind at all taking one or two of those fine gals for a ride.

Stay outta trouble my pretty little witch. And come back soon. Always room for you on my saddle!

love ya honey -

Okay, this is Ci signing off. Hope you all have a glorious day, and remember your inner hussy wants to come out and play - and that's a good thing.

If you DO let her out, post us a note here and let us know about her adventures :)

love to all!!



Sally Painter said...

Well dayum! That little morning email just made the coffee in my cup boil over!

Ciana Stone said...

LOL - kinda made me perk a bit myself :)

Cindy B said...

Dang.. where's my email? :) Wouldn't it be great to wake up to that everyday?! Gotta love those Hunks.

We just need to make sure that Chase oils up that saddle real good because next time, it's gonna get ridden a really long time! ha


Julianne said...

I sure hope Chase can 'join' us at the next hussie chat. Oh and Chase email me puh leez..I have some extra rope that I need to use
(wink, wink) :)

Susie Charles said...

Yeah, I'm kinda hoping he comes from a big family with lots of brothers. One of Chase just ain't enough for all the needy hussies ;-) Or maybe we could work out a roster...for riding 'lessons'. I'm sure I have some bad habits I need to be retrained in *wink*

Sandra said...

Damn, if I had that email, I would never leave the computer. But if I had Chase, probably never leave the saddle again.

I loved the first Hussy day. I had a lot of fun. Can't wait for the next one.

Hey I'm all for those "riding" lessons any time they become avaliable.