Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ciana's Hunk Hunting

Howdy Hussies!

Ciana here. Now all of ya'll were giving me the biz the other day about hunting for hunks, so I figured it was time to reveal one of my catches and make you all feel really bad that you gave me such a hard time when I was out working so hard.

I'd like to introduce you to Cristian. Can you say "OH SO FINE LATIN HUNK!!! Yummy, eh? I think so.
Cristian is a fun loving, intelligent, sexual guy who likes to suff,ski, snowboard and is into fun outdoor activities. He's in the entertainment field and owns two businesses - has a master's degree from USC in Marine Affairs, law and economics of the sea; and is a speaker for "Heal the Bay" as a way of making up for the guilt he has at not using his degree
"So tell me more about this fine fella Ciana!" you say.

Well, okay :)

Here's his likes: vivacious, sexual, intelligent ladies, who love to have fun and are happy and comfortable in their own skin. Sorry guys, he's stictly a ladies man. He loves blonds with lite eyes, (Yeah, Sally and Susie I hear you screaming "me me me, take me!". But he's also but an open to all beautiful gals. Loves the pierced tongue thing, and prefer women with little to no body hair. Oh, and large nipples are a bonus too.

Well all righty then. Where can you see more of Cristian? If I have my way right here. And if not, then look for him on ESPN where he teaches kickboxing in Spanish.

So, from Hussie Central where the Hunt for the Hunks is ALWAYS a priority, this is Hunk Hunter Ciana saying having a great Hussy day and don't forget to drop by the chat group on Yahoo and visit. You never know when a Hunk will show up.

Now Sally, what did you do with my rope???? You KNOW I wanted to go Hunk Hunting tonight....


Julianne said...

Well, leave it to Ci to come up with another gorgeous hunk. *picking my tongue off the floor** Oh and wait, he likes all the stuff that I am, intelligent, sexual, funloving, and BN. Bring him on over Ci and we'll make sure he's nice and comfortable.

Ciana Stone said...

Well hey there Jules, my little hussy gem!! If Sally will give me back my rope I'll head on out and see if I can lasso this guy again. Soon as I have him secured I'll give a yell. Have on your running shoes and be ready :)


Julianne said...

Ready is my middle name. But I think that is something you already knew. :) I have some rope somewhere, (looking in garage) ah, there it is. I have extra if ya need it. I wonder if you can bounce a quarter off his butt? I just love a tight butt.

Sally Painter said...


Rope? ah... I never had any rope.

Sally - going to learn all those romance languages right now.

Stephanie said...

Nice Catch Ci!! Now where's that remote?? ESPN you say?? Can't wait to see who else you're able to catch!!

Ciana Stone said...

Hey gals!

Steph, did you find the channel? I speak not a word of Spanish, but hey, Cristian's body speaks a language of its own!

Honey, I'm wrangling two new hunks at the moment. You know, it takes a while to reel them in :) But with luck I'll have a couple more shortly and will certainly share. I mean, hey, what kind of Hussy would I be if I kept them all to myself?

Hope you all have a happy hussy day!! Look forward to chatting with you guys soon. I'm ready for some naughty fun - Hussy Style!!