Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What do hussies want?

We want to hear your thoughts!

We are just getting started and want to know what you'd like to see from Hunks 'n' Hussies™.

Obviously, we are writing books, holding chats, have our new blog, our cafepress hussy store, and website, but we like to plan ahead in the true hussy fashion.

So have we forgotten anything? Is there something else you'd like to see hussified?


Julianne said...

Ok girls, I think we need out own hunks n hussies yahoo chat group. WoooHooo. Go Hussies!!! (I'm not excited or anything LOL)

Ciana Stone said...

Hey hey now, Hussy Julianne - I think you're right! What do you think Hussies? Can we have our very own chat?

Thanks Julianne!! This is a great idea!!


Julianne said...

Oh, and Ciana, I think we need to be thinking about that Hussie Creed we talked about and post it on the blog for all to see.
Number 1 What happens in HunksnHussies, stays in HunksnHussies.

Sally Painter said...

I like the chat list idea! The hussies will get together to discuss.

Thanks, Julianne!

Sandra said...

A chat group would be cool. More hunks would be nice also. *drooling* Don't forget for the creed, Do not for any reason unlock the door and let the Hunk escape. *smile*

Ciana Stone said...

LMAO! Sandra honey, you've got it down pat!!! I knew I could count on you to remember the IMPORTANT things :)

Hope you're having a fabulous day little hussy sista :)


Sally Painter said...

LOL Sandra! You learned quick!

Cindy B said...

I think that would be a great idea... The Hussies having their own group.

Sandra, I agree about the creed. The Hunks just kept getting away no matter what we did, and something needs to be done about it. :)