Sunday, April 08, 2007

Heels Maketh the Hussy!

Every hussy loves shoes, right? Sexy, slutty, FM heels, the kind you wear with a short, short skirt, the kind that make your hips swing and your legs look like a million bucks. And every guy in the place has to pick his tongue up off the floor. Oh yeah!

And if they’re red, well so much the better. Red gives neutrals the finger in true ‘I don’t give a toss’ hussy style.

Mind you, the day after the night before, you can only hobble, but as I say to my daughter, “Sweetie, you have to pay for beauty.” That’s what I told her right before she got her ears pierced. I don’t think she believed me, being twelve at the time and knowing everything. She does now.

But I digress.

I’ve had some good news lately and I’ve been in a dangerous mood, especially from the ankles down. I’d set my heart on a pair of red boots, the Robin Hood kind, flat heels and soft leather. Comfy. This season, there are red boots everywhere here. Sounds like an HEA, doesn’t it?

Nu-uh. There’s a problem. My permanent problem. I have teeny tiny tootsies and heck, it’s a heartbreaking exercise to buy shoes. *whimper*

In the end, I discovered a pair of red Robin Hood boots in a kids’ store, not leather, but not expensive either. So, to the great amusement of the sales staff, I bought them. Hope I don’t run into any kids.

And then, and then… Last week, I happened to wander into a local shoe boutique. They have gorgeous, gorgeous shoes, very expensive and always too big for me. (I try to think of the money I’m saving.) But I can’t stay away, because just occasionally they’ll have something in my size.

And there they were, the tartiest, sluttiest pair of shoes in sex-on-wheels red, with heels high enough to give you a nosebleed. In the RIGHT SIZE! The Goddess meant them for me, I’m sure. They cost more than any pair of shoes I’ve ever bought in my life, but they whispered a siren song, “Buy us, buy us, you profligate wench.”

So I did.

Red patent, ankle straps, plushy red velvet bows across the instep and red velvet heels. And they actually flatter my legs. (Well, I think so.) They make me feel wonderful. They make me feel like a real hussy. Oooh yeah, mama!

And if you want to see the pics in a bigger size, go to and scroll down a tad. I couldn't resist! Hmm, I think Alice needs a pair of red FM heels...

Worth every single cent. And DH thinks so too! *grin*

So tell me about your hussy heels. What shoes do it for you? Taking notes here…



Tracey said...

OOOH Ms Rossetti - love them heels. I have the opposite problem, my feet are to wide to find great shoes - so when I do, I buy em.
My best pair are half-calf black leather high heel boots which I can hardly walk in. I also have a thing for red shoes but have only been able to find a pair of red strappy sandles with high wooden heels.

Keziah Hill said...

High heels are a long distant dream for me. Sigh. They are the real deal though Ms Rossetti!

Sally Painter said...

Sexy hussy! I love red shoes and yours are t'die for!

Julianne said...

Denise, love those heels, next time the hunks come to chat you'll be able to stomp on them toes like a pro. I agree Alice needs a pair of FM shoes, although right now she seems to be doing pretty good on her own. I tried wearing heels once, don't even go there.LOL My sexy shoes are my hush puppy bounce tennis shoes.

Sandra said...

I actually have a problem wearing thin heels, so any heels that I have are thick soled. I have a pair of ankles boots that remind of what the Wicked Witch of the East wore in the Wizard of Oz and a pai of knee-high Go-Go boots.

Anonymous said...

Mum, you are insane. And I still want money for those boots you nicked off me. <3

Julianne said...

Denise, Now we know why you were a tad bit late to the group. :) You've been strutting around in those FM shoes all day, right?? And who wouldn't they are pretty awesome.