Sunday, April 15, 2007

Two Golden Roses and One Happy Hussy


Can you see my big cheesy grin from where you're sitting? I'm one happy hussy, I can tell you! Gift of the Goddess won not one, but TWO Golden Rose Awards from Loves Romances and More.

Best Debut
Best Erotica

Isn't that wonderful? I'm so proud and delighted. So thank you, thank you for your votes. You are the best.

There's a long juicy chapter on my website, if you want to check it out. And here's a little bit more about the book. Don't you think the Law of Lufra should be passed by every world government? It's a most excellent law, IMO!

Now, if we hussies ruled the world...

The Law of the love goddess Lufra states that no man may take his pleasure inside any part of a woman’s body, unless she has climaxed first.
Each time, every time.

But when warrior-scout Anje is taken captive by Brin, Lufra's shaman, she discovers that not even divine law can protect her from the erotic wiles of two determined men.
Huge, dark and enigmatic, Brin wears a tattoo of the holy dragon on his magnificent body. Years of erotic training have given him skills and stamina Anje cannot match. But it's the strength of his will that threatens to conquer her very soul, while his beautiful young friend, Trey, has a bravado and a vulnerability that make her mouth water.
Anje fears Brin's arrogant prediction may be true-"You'll surrender, scout, and you'll glory in it. You'll abandon yourself and adore it. Because you trust - trust absolutely." Screaming and cursing her ecstasy, she learns that dark raptures are addictive.
But neither man is what he seems and all three are pawns in a suicidal scheme to placate an angry goddess. Saving her lovers will take everything Anje's got - as a woman and a warrior.

Hussy Hugs


Julianne said...

Congrats Denise, I fully agree with that law.

JC Thomasin said...

I'm happy for you! As for the Law of Lufra, I thin it should be looked at as a strict guideline, but not necessairly a law. Sometimes it is ok if the exchange is only one sided, if you just want to give for some reason. I don't want the orgasms to be obliged to be done just so I can give him my full attention. Sill, as a strict guideline, it's nice. Kinda like the 'ladies first rule.' As one of my friends puts it... it doesn't only apply to chairs and doors. *big wink*"

Sally Painter said...

Congrats Hussy D!!! You rock and then some, girlie!

Smooches and Hussy Hugs!