Sunday, April 01, 2007

CIANA Rides again...


You cowboy riding hussy!

I just want to know if you've learned any fancy rope tricks yet.

Have a super day! Sounds like it started out with a bang!



Ciana Stone said...


Woo hoo, you know it baby! And hey hey, I did learn a trick or two. I'd show you, but it'd be much more fun if Chase showed you. That man certainly knows his way around a rope :)

Hope your day is glorious my beautiful gypsy Hussy gal. And hope there's some bang in your neck of the woods, too:)


Cindy B said...

You guys are just great! :) Just don't get too worn out with the hunks, will ya? We still need you to give us all those lovely stories running around in your head! :)

Sandra said...

I would love it if Chase showed me what he knows...around a rope. Man, that cowboy can sure make a woman forget where she left her mind with just a few simple phrases.

Julianne said...

Thoroughly enjoyed all the antics and fun at the EC chat on March 31. Can't wait to ride again. LOL

Sally Painter said...

Hey Ci!

Thanks for the insight. Maybe I'll just have to mosey on out to AZ to visit Mr. C!


Sally Painter said...

Hey Cindy B. Hussy girl,

Thanks! We are all writing our Hussy ahhh... bums off right now.

More stories on the way!


Sally Painter said...

Sandra! I know of four other hussies who were actin' rather mindless after Chase's visit!


Sally Painter said...

Julianne! Thanks for being there! We'll be breakin' out new stallions to ride in a few months!


readingissomuchfun said...

WooHoo! Cowboys huh Oh Yea sexy :)

This is a great blog btw. I am adding this to my fav's list.


Sally Painter said...

Hey Linda!

Thanks for the add! It's great to see you here!

Hussy Hugs!

Julianne said...

Well Sally, Bring on those stallions and I hope they are a bit wild and in the need of some hard ridin.( OMG, did I just say that)