Sunday, April 01, 2007

First HUNK Responses from Andrei

We will be posting these as Andrei gets to them. A couple at a time. Keep them coming.(g)

Amy S asks:
How did you become a cover model?

A: I really got into this industry by chance, I was a fitness model until a few weeks before RT 2005, then a month before that I signed up with a new manager who for some reason thought that the look might work in the romance novel industry. So he convinced me to do the Mr.Romance pageant, and from there I established new contacts and began doing covers.

Jenny asks:
What do you like to do in your free time?

A: In my free time I just like to sit back and relax. I really enjoy dining out with friends and family, watching movies, TV and going to wine bars.

Julianne asks:
Will you be doing movies or guest appearances in televisions anytime soon?

A: I should be receiving a new script in around a month or so, and if I like what I see I might be doing another indie film.


Amy S. said...

Thanks for answering my question!

Julianne said...

Thank You Andrei. Will be watching for you in the movies.