Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The list is rocking!

You Hussies are super! Thanks for joining the list. We are lining up some amazing Sista Hussy authors and a few hunka hunks to visit with us.

Tell your hussy friends.

Our weather today is dreary and feels like winter. What happened to SPRING?



Julianne said...

Sally, I love my new Hussy Nickname, so look for me to be a changing to that soon. hehehe. And as a hussy, I say bring on those hunks. WOOOHOOO!!!!

Julianne said...

Spring, what spring? There is no spring anymore. Last night we had rain, hail, and freezing rain. Now thats spring for ya. :( I need to sooooooo move.

Sally Painter said...

I love it too! You rock!