Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Goodies

Well here it is, the end of the weekend. Waaaaaaa! I'm always like a kid on Sunday evenings, not wanting to go back to school. Yeah, some habits die hard.

My Easter weekend was good - relaxing for the most part, but with a few surprises. The first one came in the form of a snake. I neglected to close the patio door yesterday when I went in to fix a glass of iced tea and my cat came hauling ass in, proud as punch as she dumped her prize at my feet. Can you say eeeewwwwwwwww!

I am NOT a big reptile fan. And having a snake in the house when I'm home alone is not my idea of an ideal situation. But I sucked it up, grabbed my salad tongs and chased that sucker all over the kitchen. Have to say there were a few very tense moments when it got tired of running and decided to stand its ground. And the whole time the darn cat was just sitting there watching like "what's the big deal" while I cursed, chased, battled and finally captured that snake.

I made it almost to the door when I dropped it. Yikes! Not good, snake between feet. Found out I am quite a fast dancer. Chased it some more. Caught it again. This time made it outside. Whew! Note to self: ALWAYS close patio door.

Today I got an unusual Easter present. My honey presented me with a praying mantis egg. No crap. It's cool as all get out. You put in in a tree or bush, at least a foot off the ground, and when the temperature reaches above 70 and stays there, the egg develops splits and the little buggies come a crawling out. One egg can contain as many as 200 mantises. Isn't that amazing? And it's like nature's pest control. They'll eat the bugs that like to eat your plants and veggies. Now granted, it was not along the lines of the diamond necklase my youngest sister got in her basket, nor was it a new Canon XL2 pro video camera like my other sister got, but to me it was a fabulous present. I can't wait to see my babies hatch! And you just have to give the man credit for originality :)

Now if someone could give me a mongoose to guard against snakes in the house I would be set. Hint hint (I can heard the loud sigh coming when honeyman hears THAT request) LOL

Hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to a fabulous week. Time for me to indulge in one of my favorite indulgences - a long hot bubblebath with a sizzling book by the fabulous Sally Painter and a coffee with Baileys. Yummm, add all that up (particularly the book) and I get the feeling that honey is going to get VERY lucky tonight. (Yeah Sally, I'm going to start marketing you as the natural equivalent of viagra for women!)

Hugs to all - and hey my hussy sisters out there (yeah you know who I'm talkin 'bout) - you gals drop a note and let us know if you had any oh-my-so-fine Hussy moments this weekend. Inquiring hussy minds want to know!!

Love ya (mean it)



Julianne said...

Oh my Ciana, I hope you got pictures of your face when that snake was in your house. And dropping in between your feet, I know it wasn't funny for you. Maybe it was just your writing about it that had me chuckling throughout your ordeal. My weekend couldn't hold a candle to the one you had. LOL :) My son was home for the weekend. My nephew was home for the weekend, he just got back from Afghanistan. So being together was probably the best of all.

Stephanie said...

Great story Ci!! I really didn't have any hussie moments unless you count the fact that there were about 44 people(17 below the age of 18), 3 dogs, and I cat at my grandmother's house and it was too cold to go outside!!!Not a lot of breathing room in there!!!