Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You asked for it!

Well, you asked for it and we Hussies aim to please.

Join us and become a hussy! We'll even send you a HUSSY CLUB MEMBERSHIP CARD when you join the Hunks 'n' Hussies™ Club. It's a cyber club and not really a club so much as a hangout! Yeah baby. You can be wild, crazy and silly no one will slap your hand. We just ask you follow the Golden Rule and well, most hussies know how to do that while still being the wild women they truly are.

We now have our own yahoo chat list and we are lining up some great guest hussies and of course by popular demand, hunks who will be dropping in to share some of their good natured brand of fun!

Or just send us an email

We look forward to seeing you on the list, but don't abandon our blog. We're still going to be having blogging fun, too!

The Hussies!


Cindy B said...

Ok.. I just joined! I'm glad ya'll made the group.

Sally Painter said...

Hey Cindy!

Thanks. We aim to please!

Actually we are all looking forward to a crazy hussy time on the list!


Julianne said...

Sally, I would never neglect the blog. hehehe I like it too much.
As for the hussie group, bring it on sista's. Can't wait to party some more. :)

Stephanie said...

I just joined!!! I'm so glad you guys the group up...I can't wait to see what you have planned!!!

Sally Painter said...


I know you wouldn't. :)

We have lots of fun thangs planned for the blog AND the new list. Different ones of course.

Sally Painter said...

Hey Steph!

So glad you joined the list! We are going to be in Hussy city right inside Hunkville.

I dont' know what that means. (looking stoopid)

Sandra said...

Can't wait for more fun.