Thursday, April 19, 2007

Savannah Hunk

Hey hussies! Bringing you yet another Hussie Misadventure with a Hunk!

As most of you know I am very enamoured of Savannah. I think it is probably not just one of the most beautiful cities in the South, but also so darn romantic. It's a perfect place to spend some time. And a great setting for a book, which I used it as the vampiric background for All I Need.

And sometimes there can be immense eye candy just walking about. I'm inspired to often take a carriage ride about the historic district to check out the ah local offerings. Upon one such hunt, I mean ride, what do I encounter but a very sexy and suave Southern gentleman in need of a ride.

Of course, being a Southern belle hussy, I advise the driver to pull over to the curb and invite the gentlemen dressed in his period-style suit to climb on board for a hussy ride. I mean carriage ride.

Bowing with his top hat removed from his head, this stately gentleman climbs inside the open carriage and I instruct the driver to continue, asking my guest where he is headed.

Down the block and turn to the right. So I instruct the driver of our new destination and this fine specimen of tanned and brawney Southern male flesh bulging slightly underneath his... suit coat... proceeds to tell me about his plantation in Charleston and how he is visiting relatives in Savannah.

It seems he had been down to the river earlier that morning to check on his cotton crop and decided to take a rest in the park when he spotted me and wanted to introduced himself.

I'm flattered and under his lustful regard, the morning sun begins to feel hotter. I ask about making cotton and he says his crop had been picked and brought to market that it had just been offloaded from his clipper ship. A man with a ship. I'm drooling. I'm enthralled and not even trying to hide it, encouraging him to continue with this exciting vignette performance. After all, I'm a captive audience.

I laugh when he admits his siblings declared him the dandy of the family. Now I have to say looking into those blue bedroom eyes and receiving that oh so suggestive grin, I certainly agree that he is indeed a charmer. And when he spoke. Oh my hussihood! that deep Souterhn drawl was enough to make a girl... well... it was like hot chocolate dripping over ice cream and melting it into a pool of... Fanning self. You get the picture.

Much to my dissatisfaction, the ride is over too soon and my passenger points to the third house from the corner as his ultimate destination. I turn in the seat to have a look at the house and think it is a pretty grand mansion at that. I ask if I might be able to go inside with him and ah... take a little tour.

But he doesn't respond and I'm thinking I've been too forward, so I turn to face him, but he isn't there. Gone! Vanished!

Our carriage is still rolling along at a fair pace so I ask my driver what happened to my guest.

The driver's face pales and he mumbles something about ghosts and clicks the reins and the horse starts trotting faster. My mouth forms a big O as I sit back in the seat.

Just my Hussy luck... a flirtatious ghost no less. Next time I'm in S, I'm going to ride back by the park and see if I can find him. Maybe I can still get that house tour. I'll let you hussies know if I do. (wink)


Susie Charles said...

Either I'm tired, or my eyes need checking again. Coulda sworn that bit at the end said 'Just my hussy lick...' On second viewing, after my eyes bugged out -- Sally, you hussy!! -- I realized it said 'luck' LOL).

But there's a thought...a 'hussy lick'. The mind boggles... *g*

JC Thomasin said...

... Well, I have no clue if that was true or not... the mark of a good author.

But it's a very yummy idea to think about...

One of the reasons I came to a southern school (other than the weather) was because of southern culture. I think every Yankee Hussy will admit after hearing a southern accent, one of the first things we think is that if they talk slow, what else do they do slow?


Julianne said...

Goodness Sally, you do seem to have all the hussy 'lick' (as Susie called it) I mean luck and a real hunky ghost at that. Maybe on your next trip to the park I may join ya just so I can check out this handsome ghost myself. hehe

Sally Painter said...

LOL Hussy Susie! Now what would freud say about that?

We knew it anyway!

Sally Painter said...

LOL JC!!! I love your reasoning.

As for truth or fiction... well, that is the fun of the Hussy Misadventures... deciding. (wink)

Sally Painter said...


I'll instruct my driver to drive the carriage to your estate, pick you up and we'll go hunk hunting for ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and oh, maybe even real live ones too.

Don't forget your parasol.

Ciana Stone said...

well well, Miss Sally, you good little Southern belle hussy, me thinks you just coined another Hussy original - the Hussy Lick :)

Yep, I'm with Susie - think 'lick' and the mind just goes soaring into thoughts of .... well, anyway, thanks for the tale. I feel certain you'll get back to that hunky ghost again (and when you do can I please go???? - I drive to S - you can sleep the whole way so you'll be all rested. Which brings up an question I've always wanted an answer for. Are all a ghost's parts pass-throughable?

hugs :)

Sally Painter said...

Hey Ci! We will just have to find out when we get there!

Cindy B said...

You have all the luck Sally! Even a ghostly Hunk... *swoon* You & Ci need to give us some lessons in Hunk hunting! :)

Sally Painter said...

Hey Cindy,

Now thta does hold lots of promise. Hmm... hunk hunting class.

Susan said...

Sign me up for the Hunk Hunting...:)
Charleston SC....also a great city for a hunt and not to mention some nawtee sailors.