Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Things that make you go ummmmm

Well Hussy gals, it's Ciana, reporting in from Hunk Hunting Central. I thought things were slowing down, not a hunk in sight. Until the last few days and then wham! Everywhere I look there's another one.

Being a "get'r'done" kinda Hussy, I immediately went into Wrangling mode. Yesterday I was interviewing this very fine fellow and said "well honey I'm looking for a hunk. I have a bunch of lusty Hussies I need to please and they want a Hunk ... a real man. So tell me, what do you think qualifies you as a Hunk?"

He gave me this sexy smile, stood and dropped his drawers. And the package was nice. Not only nice, but standing up, waving -- saluting -- bobbing to the music. "How's this?" he asked.

Well, after I shoved my eyeballs back into my head, unrolled my tongue off the floor and worked the croak out of my voice, I remarked, (totally Hussy-style professional), "Ummm, yes, nice hardware. Now why don't you put the dragon back in his cave and let's talk about the inner you."

Turns out there WAS no inner him. Just hardware. Man couldn't complete one sentence without using the oh-so-colorful-and-frequenty-abused "F" word. Seriously - he answered the question "where do you see yourself five years from now?" with "I'll be living in f--king LA, driving a f--king Porche, with f--cking women out the ass, f--king making movies and ...."

Well, nice hardware of not, this Hussy wants a man that has more than one adjective in his vocabulary. So, I wished the F-King good day and went on my merry Hussy way. (Shame, though. He DID have some class-A hardware.)

Oh well, so it goes. Back to the hunt.

Okay, that's it for the Hunk report of the day. Hunk Hunter Ciana signing off. Hope you all have a Hussicilious day!!


Julianne said...

Gosh Ci, you have all the luck. I can't believe that you didn't invite all us sistas over to help you do the interviews. I know what I would've done with a package. *hussy coming out again*

Sally Painter said...

Yeah, a REAL HUNK is hard to find. Hey Ci, I like the new Hussy word Hussicilious!

Sally Painter said...

Now Julianne might be someone to take along with you next hunting trip.

Ciana Stone said...

Me thinks I am going to have to go pick up Julianne before I go on another Hunk Hunt!!!

Julianne said...

Yay!!!, I get to go hunk hunting with Ci. *jumping up and down* Wait, let me go find some hunk hunting stuff......ah yes, here it is. Ok Ci, I'm ready to go with you now, got all the supplies needed for a successful hunt.

Ciana Stone said...

Jules - okay, get ready - it's almost time to rock and roll ... watch out hunks here we come!!