Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Highlander ride

Since I don't have a pic of him. I'll just have to tell you about him.

So here I am hiking about the highlands enjoying the hillside of blooming heather and the crisp wind blowing through my hair when this hunk comes riding down the mountainside dressed in a kilt with his sword raised in front of him. My heart was palpitating and my eyes widening.

Bulging arms and the cutest knees gripping the sides of the stallion with his kilt mid-thigh, revealing wonderful tanned legs had me panting.

I'm like, What's up with gorgeous?

Then he opens his mouth and releases this highland yell that sent my pulse into a riotous drumming.

I thought, well, I guess he's a bit excited to see me. (g)

Then, suddenly, I hear thundering behind me and turn to see all these warriors riding hard up the mountainside. Well, all that pounding got me excited so being the Southern farm girl I was raised to be, I climbed onto a nearby boulder just as the kilted hunk passed and jumped onto the back of his horse.

Now, I swear, I tried to wrap my arms around him, but he was such a barechested, oh, did I mention he was barechested except for the tartan slung over his shoulder? Anyway, I couldn't get my arms around his mighty torso, so I grabbed whatever I could get hold of and it wasn't his kilt!

Oh my, I was a wee bit embarrassed but mostly very impressed and as a result growing extremely giddy. We rode a few feet before he reined the horse and turned to face me. I can't say he was upset with me riding him... ah with him.

"Yer a comely wench and a good horsewoman. And ye have a mighty fine grip that has truly made me think of better ways to spend this afternoon. But, I need to kill a few laddies and then if yer still here when I wind me way back up the mountains, I'll give ye a ride ye'll never forget. Would ye be willing lass?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm a willing lassie," I grinned and perched myself on a nearby boulder to watch the battle.

Oh, I forgot to mention I discovered he was the lead in an authentic re-enactment of a some famous battle and this grand entrance of his was done before his troops followed him down the mountainside.

The pretend batttle was glorious. Those hunks of stone were incredible with their swords swinging in front of them and their kilts flipping here and there, drawing a gasp of appreciation from the onlookers.

I quickly discovered the significance of the sporran wasn't so much for the use as a purse as to preserve and protect the family 'jewels'.

So after the battle was done, hunk of highland returned, plopped me down in his lap and we rode off into the sunset, sword in hand!


Ciana Stone said...

Sally!!!! You divine Hussy! Ah Ha! Now I know what you were really doing on your vacation last fall. Finally the truth is out.

And hey, I'm a good Southern farm gal - next time you head off to ride Highlanders, you COULD has a sista Hussy to come along :)

Now I'm itching for kilts and horses. Yummmmm.....

Thanks for sharing!!


Julianne said...

That was great Sally, I have started reading All I want yesterday. Mael sounds like a great hunk.

Stephanie said...

WOW!!! Why doesn't this ever happen to me???

Sally Painter said...


Do you think the Highlands are ready for HUSSIES?

I say we go for it!

Sally Painter said...


Let me know how you ejoy AIW! Mael is one of my fav hunks.

Sally Painter said...


You have to hang with the hussies! Next time!