Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Things that make you go ummmmm

Well Hussy gals, it's Ciana, reporting in from Hunk Hunting Central. I thought things were slowing down, not a hunk in sight. Until the last few days and then wham! Everywhere I look there's another one.

Being a "get'r'done" kinda Hussy, I immediately went into Wrangling mode. Yesterday I was interviewing this very fine fellow and said "well honey I'm looking for a hunk. I have a bunch of lusty Hussies I need to please and they want a Hunk ... a real man. So tell me, what do you think qualifies you as a Hunk?"

He gave me this sexy smile, stood and dropped his drawers. And the package was nice. Not only nice, but standing up, waving -- saluting -- bobbing to the music. "How's this?" he asked.

Well, after I shoved my eyeballs back into my head, unrolled my tongue off the floor and worked the croak out of my voice, I remarked, (totally Hussy-style professional), "Ummm, yes, nice hardware. Now why don't you put the dragon back in his cave and let's talk about the inner you."

Turns out there WAS no inner him. Just hardware. Man couldn't complete one sentence without using the oh-so-colorful-and-frequenty-abused "F" word. Seriously - he answered the question "where do you see yourself five years from now?" with "I'll be living in f--king LA, driving a f--king Porche, with f--cking women out the ass, f--king making movies and ...."

Well, nice hardware of not, this Hussy wants a man that has more than one adjective in his vocabulary. So, I wished the F-King good day and went on my merry Hussy way. (Shame, though. He DID have some class-A hardware.)

Oh well, so it goes. Back to the hunt.

Okay, that's it for the Hunk report of the day. Hunk Hunter Ciana signing off. Hope you all have a Hussicilious day!!

We are having a round robin

On our yahoo list. It's fun! It's spontaneous! And it's in the true hussy spirit!

We've had 4 installments so far for our paranormal erotic romance hussy misadventure - Clairmoran Haunting.

Of course there are hunks! Whadja think there'd be? Oh yeah, ghosts and other paranormal creatures, but so far they are also Hunks. We just can't seem to help ourselves.

Join in the fun!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

35 boxes and counting...

Have I said how much I hate packing and moving? I'm the offical packer for the bulk of things mostly because I don't lift boxes like I did when I was a teenager. LOL. Southern Belles don't do the heavy stuff. Fortuantely the movers will handle it all.

I have boxes all over the place, just where I left them when I finished packing them. Hubby will be gathering them like Easter eggs and stacking in the morning. Won't he have fun?

Friday, April 20, 2007

What do you notice first?

A writer friend of mine and I were discussing the scenes in our respective current works in progress and what was the first thing the heroine notices about her hunky hero.

Of course the conversation then went to what we each first notice.

For me it's eyes, smile and hands.

For her it was butt, hair and eyes. She's a real hussy! (vbg)

What about you?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Savannah Hunk

Hey hussies! Bringing you yet another Hussie Misadventure with a Hunk!

As most of you know I am very enamoured of Savannah. I think it is probably not just one of the most beautiful cities in the South, but also so darn romantic. It's a perfect place to spend some time. And a great setting for a book, which I used it as the vampiric background for All I Need.

And sometimes there can be immense eye candy just walking about. I'm inspired to often take a carriage ride about the historic district to check out the ah local offerings. Upon one such hunt, I mean ride, what do I encounter but a very sexy and suave Southern gentleman in need of a ride.

Of course, being a Southern belle hussy, I advise the driver to pull over to the curb and invite the gentlemen dressed in his period-style suit to climb on board for a hussy ride. I mean carriage ride.

Bowing with his top hat removed from his head, this stately gentleman climbs inside the open carriage and I instruct the driver to continue, asking my guest where he is headed.

Down the block and turn to the right. So I instruct the driver of our new destination and this fine specimen of tanned and brawney Southern male flesh bulging slightly underneath his... suit coat... proceeds to tell me about his plantation in Charleston and how he is visiting relatives in Savannah.

It seems he had been down to the river earlier that morning to check on his cotton crop and decided to take a rest in the park when he spotted me and wanted to introduced himself.

I'm flattered and under his lustful regard, the morning sun begins to feel hotter. I ask about making cotton and he says his crop had been picked and brought to market that it had just been offloaded from his clipper ship. A man with a ship. I'm drooling. I'm enthralled and not even trying to hide it, encouraging him to continue with this exciting vignette performance. After all, I'm a captive audience.

I laugh when he admits his siblings declared him the dandy of the family. Now I have to say looking into those blue bedroom eyes and receiving that oh so suggestive grin, I certainly agree that he is indeed a charmer. And when he spoke. Oh my hussihood! that deep Souterhn drawl was enough to make a girl... well... it was like hot chocolate dripping over ice cream and melting it into a pool of... Fanning self. You get the picture.

Much to my dissatisfaction, the ride is over too soon and my passenger points to the third house from the corner as his ultimate destination. I turn in the seat to have a look at the house and think it is a pretty grand mansion at that. I ask if I might be able to go inside with him and ah... take a little tour.

But he doesn't respond and I'm thinking I've been too forward, so I turn to face him, but he isn't there. Gone! Vanished!

Our carriage is still rolling along at a fair pace so I ask my driver what happened to my guest.

The driver's face pales and he mumbles something about ghosts and clicks the reins and the horse starts trotting faster. My mouth forms a big O as I sit back in the seat.

Just my Hussy luck... a flirtatious ghost no less. Next time I'm in S, I'm going to ride back by the park and see if I can find him. Maybe I can still get that house tour. I'll let you hussies know if I do. (wink)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

C'mon baby, light my fire!

At the risk of overdosing all you hussies on cowboys hunks (if that's even possible ;-) I had to come out in defense of the Aussie version.

While I've been gone, it seems Ci and Sally have been having so much fun here lately...oh, and Denise doing her impression of Dorothy with the red shoes, but with considerably nicer pins (honey, you should have been a model with those legs!), that y'all likely didn't even notice I've been AWOL. The silent hussy, that's me...hang on a tic--Denise is busting a gut here laughing at that. I do so know when to be quiet! *huff* Least I know better than to talk with my mouth full, if ya know what I mean *wink*.

But I have to admit that my libido was so fired up after our little visit with the incredibly yummy and eminently lickable Chase at our Hunks 'n' Hussies launch, (yes, hussies, you can put your tongues back in your mouths now, although I see Clay has been visiting too, so maybe not just yet) that I felt a need to get close to a cowboy, especially since Arizona is so bloody far away, and three on a saddle gets kinda squeezy, ain't that right, Ci? ;-)

Down here we call our cowboys "cockies". Kinda nice, don't you agree? Seems to me we're doing a disservice to the whole "cowboy" movement--such manly hunks and they're labeled "boys"? "Cocky" fits a whole lot better from where I'm look--I mean, standing.

Anyways, I headed southwest to the country town I was raised in, and decided to visit with my old mate, Bob. Bob taught me to ride when I was knee-hi to a grasshopper, and was the quintessential Aussie cocky. Great bloke, and cheeky as shit. Loved him. He'd passed on though a few years back (very sad to hear about that), but as I found out, his son Gary had inherited the farm.

Now Gary and I go way back. Not quite to nappies, but far enough that I remember when his voice broke and he went from squeaky to hell-yeah-sexy during the final years of high school. Phwraoooor! And obviously, since I have now passed my thirty-something birthday... Denise, will you stop prodding me??... okay, okay. my forty[blank] birthday a while back (happy now, Dorothy? Isn't there a yellow brick road you should be skipping down? ;-) Gary is not a twenty-year-old stud either. Who cares? Any man who calls me "Gorgeous" or "Sexy" on a regular basis has my complete attention! But seriously, if you could see this man. Improve with age?? Hell, if that's the case, I'm heading back there on a yearly basis. About six foot neat, which is fine by me, since I'm a shortie, and a body that just makes you want to sigh (and lick, and bite, and nibble-- yum!) All that tanned, muscled flesh. And a bare chest. And leather gloves. And sweat! God, I love to watch a man sweat. Okay, so I'm weird, and no, I didn't take a photo, you hussies -- I was too busy trying to roll my tongue back into my mouth. I found a picture that's close (isn't that man so fine! *sigh*), but you'd have to swap the Stetson for an Akubra, and the American twang for the good old Aussie accent (yeah, g'day mate! LOL) The rest of the package, though, oh my, Yes! Yes! Yes! (Meg Ryan, eat your heart out, honey ;-)

But while I was brushing up on Gar-- I mean, on my riding skills, I realized something. Something profound, and deep, and probably more a result from discovering that dancing "skyclad" (go read Ciana's Chase 'n' Ana if you want to know what that is!) with an appreciative audience really is all Ci cracks it up to be.

Young hunks are wonderful. Truly. All that energy and enthusiasm, not to mention STAMINA. Yeah, baby! It's impressive all right. But let's not discount the older hunks. Just like a fine wine, they say. What?? How boring is that! Sure, it's nice and smooth on your tongue, but one good swallow and it's gone, ya know? No, I prefer to compare hunks to fireworks. Young ones resemble those fireworks that go for the big bang...I mean, boom. Lots of noise, make the ground shake and a big show of sparkles, but then poof! it's all over, Red Rover, until you relight the fuse (admittedly, you can relight the fuse quite a few times before the "wick" burns down *eg*).

The "mature" hunks though, are like those fireworks that are a bit slower letting off the sparks, but when they do... you know the ones--it's about more than rockets and noise. Lots of colours in the first round of explosions, smaller booms, then more lights and colours--until the big finale. The ones that get all the "Oooh's!" and "Aaaah's!"and definitely the applause. Yep, I reckon I applauded till the cows came home while I was with Gary.

And you know what the older hunks have all over the younger ones? P-A-C-E. You see, they're not in a hurry, they like to savor their treats, lick their nip--er, nibbles, and it really is all about enjoying the ride, not how quickly they (and you) reach the destination.

Yep, I did a lot of riding in the past two weeks. Even made it onto a horse a time or two... *wg*

So, Ci? Let Chase know I'm ready whenever he my spurs and all. Soon as you're done with him, of course ;-)

Have a wonderful day, hussies!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hussies and the Hard Rider

Monday night Hussies Sally and Ciana joined the Night Owl Romance chat for some fun and games. Thanks to all our sista Hussies who showed up to join in and make the event even more fun!

We had a surprise guest, Clay, a rodeo bull-ridin cowboy who was far more interested in offering the Hussies a ride than anything else. Ya'll asked for a photo of Clay. Well, I vowed that I would not show his face ....BUT said nothing about showing off a little bod :)

Speaking of bods .... April is half over and we're in the process of selecting our Hunk of the Month for May who will be featured on our web site, along with an interview so you can get to know him better:) If you have any questions you want me to ask the hunks, email them to me and I'll include them.

Hope you all have a hussicilious day :)


Monday, April 16, 2007

The Hussies™ Chat is tonight!

Just click on this little ole' pic below for more details

Go to chat:

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Two Golden Roses and One Happy Hussy


Can you see my big cheesy grin from where you're sitting? I'm one happy hussy, I can tell you! Gift of the Goddess won not one, but TWO Golden Rose Awards from Loves Romances and More.

Best Debut
Best Erotica

Isn't that wonderful? I'm so proud and delighted. So thank you, thank you for your votes. You are the best.

There's a long juicy chapter on my website, if you want to check it out. And here's a little bit more about the book. Don't you think the Law of Lufra should be passed by every world government? It's a most excellent law, IMO!

Now, if we hussies ruled the world...

The Law of the love goddess Lufra states that no man may take his pleasure inside any part of a woman’s body, unless she has climaxed first.
Each time, every time.

But when warrior-scout Anje is taken captive by Brin, Lufra's shaman, she discovers that not even divine law can protect her from the erotic wiles of two determined men.
Huge, dark and enigmatic, Brin wears a tattoo of the holy dragon on his magnificent body. Years of erotic training have given him skills and stamina Anje cannot match. But it's the strength of his will that threatens to conquer her very soul, while his beautiful young friend, Trey, has a bravado and a vulnerability that make her mouth water.
Anje fears Brin's arrogant prediction may be true-"You'll surrender, scout, and you'll glory in it. You'll abandon yourself and adore it. Because you trust - trust absolutely." Screaming and cursing her ecstasy, she learns that dark raptures are addictive.
But neither man is what he seems and all three are pawns in a suicidal scheme to placate an angry goddess. Saving her lovers will take everything Anje's got - as a woman and a warrior.

Hussy Hugs

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Hussy Legacy...

Growing up, I heard a family story many many times that took place during the Civil War (translated -War Between the States, if you are from the South).

My great-great grandmother who was a very proper Scottish Southern lady was like all women during those times, managing while the menfolk were away fighting in the war.

"Yankee soldiers appeared on the property one morning while she was in the kitchen trying to get the morning meal going (kitchens were housed in a detached building behind the main house). With frying pan in hand, she went around to the front porch to see what business these soldiers had on her property. One of the soldiers called her a 'hussy' and she chased him around the yard with that frying pan and none of the other soldiers dared call her a hussy."

LOL. Would my G-G Grandmother be rolling in her grave now? Probably not. The term doesn't mean the same, but it just struck me this morning how ironic it was. She was offended and I'm flattered.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ciana's Hunk Hunting

Howdy Hussies!

Ciana here. Now all of ya'll were giving me the biz the other day about hunting for hunks, so I figured it was time to reveal one of my catches and make you all feel really bad that you gave me such a hard time when I was out working so hard.

I'd like to introduce you to Cristian. Can you say "OH SO FINE LATIN HUNK!!! Yummy, eh? I think so.
Cristian is a fun loving, intelligent, sexual guy who likes to suff,ski, snowboard and is into fun outdoor activities. He's in the entertainment field and owns two businesses - has a master's degree from USC in Marine Affairs, law and economics of the sea; and is a speaker for "Heal the Bay" as a way of making up for the guilt he has at not using his degree
"So tell me more about this fine fella Ciana!" you say.

Well, okay :)

Here's his likes: vivacious, sexual, intelligent ladies, who love to have fun and are happy and comfortable in their own skin. Sorry guys, he's stictly a ladies man. He loves blonds with lite eyes, (Yeah, Sally and Susie I hear you screaming "me me me, take me!". But he's also but an open to all beautiful gals. Loves the pierced tongue thing, and prefer women with little to no body hair. Oh, and large nipples are a bonus too.

Well all righty then. Where can you see more of Cristian? If I have my way right here. And if not, then look for him on ESPN where he teaches kickboxing in Spanish.

So, from Hussie Central where the Hunt for the Hunks is ALWAYS a priority, this is Hunk Hunter Ciana saying having a great Hussy day and don't forget to drop by the chat group on Yahoo and visit. You never know when a Hunk will show up.

Now Sally, what did you do with my rope???? You KNOW I wanted to go Hunk Hunting tonight....

The list is rocking!

You Hussies are super! Thanks for joining the list. We are lining up some amazing Sista Hussy authors and a few hunka hunks to visit with us.

Tell your hussy friends.

Our weather today is dreary and feels like winter. What happened to SPRING?


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You asked for it!

Well, you asked for it and we Hussies aim to please.

Join us and become a hussy! We'll even send you a HUSSY CLUB MEMBERSHIP CARD when you join the Hunks 'n' Hussies™ Club. It's a cyber club and not really a club so much as a hangout! Yeah baby. You can be wild, crazy and silly no one will slap your hand. We just ask you follow the Golden Rule and well, most hussies know how to do that while still being the wild women they truly are.

We now have our own yahoo chat list and we are lining up some great guest hussies and of course by popular demand, hunks who will be dropping in to share some of their good natured brand of fun!

Or just send us an email

We look forward to seeing you on the list, but don't abandon our blog. We're still going to be having blogging fun, too!

The Hussies!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Heels Maketh the Hussy!

Every hussy loves shoes, right? Sexy, slutty, FM heels, the kind you wear with a short, short skirt, the kind that make your hips swing and your legs look like a million bucks. And every guy in the place has to pick his tongue up off the floor. Oh yeah!

And if they’re red, well so much the better. Red gives neutrals the finger in true ‘I don’t give a toss’ hussy style.

Mind you, the day after the night before, you can only hobble, but as I say to my daughter, “Sweetie, you have to pay for beauty.” That’s what I told her right before she got her ears pierced. I don’t think she believed me, being twelve at the time and knowing everything. She does now.

But I digress.

I’ve had some good news lately and I’ve been in a dangerous mood, especially from the ankles down. I’d set my heart on a pair of red boots, the Robin Hood kind, flat heels and soft leather. Comfy. This season, there are red boots everywhere here. Sounds like an HEA, doesn’t it?

Nu-uh. There’s a problem. My permanent problem. I have teeny tiny tootsies and heck, it’s a heartbreaking exercise to buy shoes. *whimper*

In the end, I discovered a pair of red Robin Hood boots in a kids’ store, not leather, but not expensive either. So, to the great amusement of the sales staff, I bought them. Hope I don’t run into any kids.

And then, and then… Last week, I happened to wander into a local shoe boutique. They have gorgeous, gorgeous shoes, very expensive and always too big for me. (I try to think of the money I’m saving.) But I can’t stay away, because just occasionally they’ll have something in my size.

And there they were, the tartiest, sluttiest pair of shoes in sex-on-wheels red, with heels high enough to give you a nosebleed. In the RIGHT SIZE! The Goddess meant them for me, I’m sure. They cost more than any pair of shoes I’ve ever bought in my life, but they whispered a siren song, “Buy us, buy us, you profligate wench.”

So I did.

Red patent, ankle straps, plushy red velvet bows across the instep and red velvet heels. And they actually flatter my legs. (Well, I think so.) They make me feel wonderful. They make me feel like a real hussy. Oooh yeah, mama!

And if you want to see the pics in a bigger size, go to and scroll down a tad. I couldn't resist! Hmm, I think Alice needs a pair of red FM heels...

Worth every single cent. And DH thinks so too! *grin*

So tell me about your hussy heels. What shoes do it for you? Taking notes here…


Easter Goodies

Well here it is, the end of the weekend. Waaaaaaa! I'm always like a kid on Sunday evenings, not wanting to go back to school. Yeah, some habits die hard.

My Easter weekend was good - relaxing for the most part, but with a few surprises. The first one came in the form of a snake. I neglected to close the patio door yesterday when I went in to fix a glass of iced tea and my cat came hauling ass in, proud as punch as she dumped her prize at my feet. Can you say eeeewwwwwwwww!

I am NOT a big reptile fan. And having a snake in the house when I'm home alone is not my idea of an ideal situation. But I sucked it up, grabbed my salad tongs and chased that sucker all over the kitchen. Have to say there were a few very tense moments when it got tired of running and decided to stand its ground. And the whole time the darn cat was just sitting there watching like "what's the big deal" while I cursed, chased, battled and finally captured that snake.

I made it almost to the door when I dropped it. Yikes! Not good, snake between feet. Found out I am quite a fast dancer. Chased it some more. Caught it again. This time made it outside. Whew! Note to self: ALWAYS close patio door.

Today I got an unusual Easter present. My honey presented me with a praying mantis egg. No crap. It's cool as all get out. You put in in a tree or bush, at least a foot off the ground, and when the temperature reaches above 70 and stays there, the egg develops splits and the little buggies come a crawling out. One egg can contain as many as 200 mantises. Isn't that amazing? And it's like nature's pest control. They'll eat the bugs that like to eat your plants and veggies. Now granted, it was not along the lines of the diamond necklase my youngest sister got in her basket, nor was it a new Canon XL2 pro video camera like my other sister got, but to me it was a fabulous present. I can't wait to see my babies hatch! And you just have to give the man credit for originality :)

Now if someone could give me a mongoose to guard against snakes in the house I would be set. Hint hint (I can heard the loud sigh coming when honeyman hears THAT request) LOL

Hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to a fabulous week. Time for me to indulge in one of my favorite indulgences - a long hot bubblebath with a sizzling book by the fabulous Sally Painter and a coffee with Baileys. Yummm, add all that up (particularly the book) and I get the feeling that honey is going to get VERY lucky tonight. (Yeah Sally, I'm going to start marketing you as the natural equivalent of viagra for women!)

Hugs to all - and hey my hussy sisters out there (yeah you know who I'm talkin 'bout) - you gals drop a note and let us know if you had any oh-my-so-fine Hussy moments this weekend. Inquiring hussy minds want to know!!

Love ya (mean it)


Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Highlander ride

Since I don't have a pic of him. I'll just have to tell you about him.

So here I am hiking about the highlands enjoying the hillside of blooming heather and the crisp wind blowing through my hair when this hunk comes riding down the mountainside dressed in a kilt with his sword raised in front of him. My heart was palpitating and my eyes widening.

Bulging arms and the cutest knees gripping the sides of the stallion with his kilt mid-thigh, revealing wonderful tanned legs had me panting.

I'm like, What's up with gorgeous?

Then he opens his mouth and releases this highland yell that sent my pulse into a riotous drumming.

I thought, well, I guess he's a bit excited to see me. (g)

Then, suddenly, I hear thundering behind me and turn to see all these warriors riding hard up the mountainside. Well, all that pounding got me excited so being the Southern farm girl I was raised to be, I climbed onto a nearby boulder just as the kilted hunk passed and jumped onto the back of his horse.

Now, I swear, I tried to wrap my arms around him, but he was such a barechested, oh, did I mention he was barechested except for the tartan slung over his shoulder? Anyway, I couldn't get my arms around his mighty torso, so I grabbed whatever I could get hold of and it wasn't his kilt!

Oh my, I was a wee bit embarrassed but mostly very impressed and as a result growing extremely giddy. We rode a few feet before he reined the horse and turned to face me. I can't say he was upset with me riding him... ah with him.

"Yer a comely wench and a good horsewoman. And ye have a mighty fine grip that has truly made me think of better ways to spend this afternoon. But, I need to kill a few laddies and then if yer still here when I wind me way back up the mountains, I'll give ye a ride ye'll never forget. Would ye be willing lass?"

"Oh, yeah, I'm a willing lassie," I grinned and perched myself on a nearby boulder to watch the battle.

Oh, I forgot to mention I discovered he was the lead in an authentic re-enactment of a some famous battle and this grand entrance of his was done before his troops followed him down the mountainside.

The pretend batttle was glorious. Those hunks of stone were incredible with their swords swinging in front of them and their kilts flipping here and there, drawing a gasp of appreciation from the onlookers.

I quickly discovered the significance of the sporran wasn't so much for the use as a purse as to preserve and protect the family 'jewels'.

So after the battle was done, hunk of highland returned, plopped me down in his lap and we rode off into the sunset, sword in hand!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Rowdy hussies and redneck bars

Ciana here, reporting in from morning two of "what the heck did I drink last night?"

My dear friend and cohort in mayhem and mischief, Lara Diamond, is in town, and boy-oh-boy have we been having fun. Yesterday morning (after a night with so yummy cowboy partying) I made her get up and go riding. Have you ever seen a blond turn green???? NOT a flattering color combination I can tell you. Needless to say the ride did NOT last long and soon we were back home, lying on the porch in the shade like two whipped puppies.

BUT we did recover and I took her to a place where the men are rowdy, the music is loud and there's no telling what might happen. Woo howdy, did she get into the swing of things. In fact, she got into it so much with this one cowboy that neither of us noticed the woman across the way getting redder in the face by the moment. Seems she had arrived with the cowboy.

Well wouldn't you know. That gal came up behind Lara, grabbed her by the hair and tried to snatch her bald. Now being the good Hussy friend that I am, I could NOT let that pass, so I jumped right in, grabbed hold of that gal and slung her halfway across the bar. Things would have worked out just fine if she had NOT gotten up. But she did, and she came after me.

I always knew those miles of running would come in handy. I led her on a merry chase around the bar for a few minutes, and figured I could wear her out because she was breathing pretty hard. Then HER friend stepped in. Can you say AMAZON??? Yikes! It got kinda ugly, she swung, I dodged and countered and the next thing I know those rowdy men decided to take part in the fun.

Someone yelled that they'd called the law but no one seemed to hear that but Lara. She took off like a Texas jackrabbit and the last I saw of her was her butt heading out the door.

Well, to make a long story short, I got to take a nice ride to the local jail. I explained the situation in perfect clarity (and will colorful adjectives and adverbs) and then had to wait while everyone else was questioned. That sure took a long time, and it sure smelled bad in that holding cell.

After long long long hours (really only three) they came and got me and there was Lara, grinning like she'd been eating briars with a fistful of money. Luckily she didn't have to spend it to bail me out because those wonderful law boys had figured out that we weren't to blame at all.

We left and went to breakfast with a couple of the guys and I asked her where she got the money. "Honey I had to go shake my peaches for this cash!" She replied with a haughty demeanor. I laughed my ass off because I knew exactly where she'd been. To the club down the road that has "amateur" night. Gracious what I'd have given to see Lara up there at that pole, shaking her booty and her peaches.

I have to say, that's love. A friend who would bare all to save you? We thought about blowing the load and inviting a crowd back to my place for a party, but Lara decided she'd had enough visiting and used her windfall to upgrade her ticket for a first class flight back home. And just so you'll know - we might be Hussies but we ain't no ho's - we came home alone :)

In fact, I need to wake her up now so we can get her to the airport on time.

Now, on another note, wanted to let everyone know that Sally and I - and some of our rowdy sista Hussies will be appearing on a chat with Night Owl Romance on April 16th. I'll get the address and post it next week. Hope you can join us. And maybe you'll meet Clay. Wooo honey! That is a fine man. I used Clay to model the hero of my upcoming books, Molding Clay. And trust me, that man gives new meaning to "ride the wild bull."

Here's a little preview of Clay:

Howdy Hussies!

Happy Friday to all you Hussies. Hope life is smiling on you :)


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Introducing another HUNK

If you like a Scottish accent, a man from the past in a kilt, then this hunk is for you.

ALL I WANT by Sally Painter

Jeanne stood in the circle of sputtering torches. Acrid air seared her nostrils. She coughed and gasped for fresh air but the smoke burned a path to her lungs and stung her eyes. She blinked against the tearing. Panicked, she struggled to see beyond the mob, searching the woods.

Verica had not heard. There would be no rescue. The mob moved closer. The flames from their torches blasted her in a wave of dry heat. Rivulets of perspiration trickled down her back and she licked her lips, longing for a cool sip of water from the well only a few feet away.

The men lifted her onto a rickety wooden barrel. Helpless, her senses charged alert when one of the men threw the other end of the rope over a tree limb. She struggled from the threatening jerks against the noose as her hangman took up the slack.

He pulled the rope taut, and the noose constricted around her neck. She stood on tiptoes trying to ease the choking, but the hangman jerked the rope tighter and she gagged. Panic overrode all thought, with only one mandate—escape. A man rushed up and tossed straw about the barrel.

“We burn her, too. Let the fire purify her soul.” His action started a new frenzy.

Others rushed to find more kindling and tossed it on top of the straw. Soon, they had constructed a menacing wall of sticks and straw around the barrel. Her chest heaved high as one man lowered his torch. Her throat closed around the scream that bubbled from her chest and trapped it into silence.

Suddenly, a shadow moved from the line of trees bordering the village. Hope welled in her. Verica! The night stirred cooler, and the mob hushed. Sensing the presence, they turned en masse to peer behind them.

He emerged from the depth of blackness. Silent. His broad frame cut through the mist and smoke with the hilt of his sword glinting from the torches’ light. The villagers parted in a wave, whispering to each other. A few dropped their torches to the ground and ran from the circle, while some of the women fell to their knees wailing.
Her knees were water and her pulse, a riotous throbbing in her throat. His auburn hair lifted around the thin long braids that ran both lines of his jaw.

The blue and black plaid of his clan flapped around him as an angry gust of wind seized the village. The kilt hugged his trim waist. The hem stopped just above his knees with a slight venting midway his thigh whenever he took a step.

“MacRaigl.” Jeanne’s breath escaped her but her own voice was lost beneath the wicked roar of torches and a sea of murmurings.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

What do hussies want?

We want to hear your thoughts!

We are just getting started and want to know what you'd like to see from Hunks 'n' Hussies™.

Obviously, we are writing books, holding chats, have our new blog, our cafepress hussy store, and website, but we like to plan ahead in the true hussy fashion.

So have we forgotten anything? Is there something else you'd like to see hussified?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's REAL!

Look what I found in the bag of potatoes!

OMG! Is this a hoot for what?

I affectionately call it HUSSY FOOD!


Monday, April 02, 2007

Duh! Silly me!

Forgot - if you'd like to see Mr Gorgeous full size (and who wouldn't, hmm?), go to

You can read the whole first chapter (sooo much better than a measly excerpt) and if you CLICK ON THE IMAGE, you get Mr Gorgeous full size - whoosh! But put the coffee down first, OK?


Mr Gorgeous thanks all hussies!

Hi there Hussies!

Checking in with my first Hunks 'n' Hussies blog post. I ain't a virgin no more. *stop that snickering, you hear?*

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our List Mom day. It was fast and furious and Susie and I were up all night, but boy was it worth it for the wicked fun! And Mirry tells me he had a great time too, though he's convinced he left a few tail feathers behind, poor man! 'Fess up, the guilty hussy!

None of us can wait to do it again! But I've learned my lesson. Next time I have a thermos of coffee and a plate of chocolate brownies at my elbow.

My BIG NEWS is that Mr Gorgeous (aka the cover of Gift of the Goddess and my sig pic) is February Book of the Month at Erin Aislinn's website. Go see!

He and I thank every wonderful hussy who voted for him, but most especially we thank...

drum roll....


I was a newbie author and I got this incredible cover from Syneca. How lucky can a hussy be? And what's even nicer is that Syneca is the sistah hussy of our own Ciana - as in sister, for real. That's what I call keeping it in the family. heh heh

Keep well and happy,

Hussy Hugs

Are YOU a hussy?

I've just been reading the posts and am firmly convinced that we're connecting to sister hussies!! How exciting. So, my first thought for the day is actually a question:

How do YOU define Hussy? And what makes you one?

Reading posts on this should be fun :)


Congratulations to all our winners!!!!!

AND......... comments on posts:

Sandra: honey I know what you mean about Chase. That man makes my neurons forget how to fire properly!! Sure had fun with you on the chat. I feel that I met a new friend - a kindred spirit - a sister hussy!!!!

Cindy: girl you are DEFINITELY a hussy at heart! Too worn out with hunks? Oh child, is that possible? It's those hunks that keep our creative juices flowing (among other things)

Julianne: woo hoo baby! Thanks for taking time to have fun with us. And I'm with you sister, ready to ride at the drop of a hat. Funny how easy it is to talk us into that, eh?

Readingissomuchfun: yeah baby - cowboys are sooo sexy and we hussy gals do love to ride!! Hope you'll stop in often and keep us posted on your own riding adventures :)

Cig5: thanks for stopping by and reading the blog. I think psychics are amazing and so interestng. Denise is just incredible and the winner of the reading is going to be a lucky gal. I hope you'll stop by again soon!!

Michelle b: oh Michelle, you sly gal. loved the "started out with a bang" comment. Just laughed out loud and scared the crap out of the birds on the feeder. Thanks for visiting. I do hope you'll come back. Can't wait to see what you'll say next!!

Pamk: So, you'd do the psychic thing again based on your previous reading? Any insights for those of us who haven't experienced it. And oh I sense a sister hussy here with that big "hell yeah!" Girl, we need to hook up and hunk cowboys :)

Cathy: LMAO - you know I felt the same way. I guess Robin and I were sista hussies in previous lives because it's like we were a tag team. What fun that was. Can't wait for the next chat, and next time honey, you just jump right in. Big sista Ci will protect you :)

Cindyb: My dear I agree completely. While I tend to be a "prove it to me" kind of gal, I still don't discount that people have abilities above and beyond the normal senses. And those who do have the abilities and use them for good the way Denise does, is fabulous!! She's just an amazing woman who has helped so many people. I feel blessed to know her. And yeah, just in case you're wondering, she DID prove it :)

And thanks for the compliements on the book, sweetie. I'm so glad you liked it.

My dear, the next chat we have YOU will definitely be part of!! Good gracious at the fun I had with you. I told Chase that I found a sista hussy who seemed to anticipate my next hussy move and was right there with me. It was such fun. And hey, you are totally awesome!!

Ruth c: That's very interesting. I didn't know that. Do you have any idea why Pisceans tend to number higher in pyschic ability that the rest of the signs?

Stephanie: You're just so sweet and kind. Thank you. And I agree. I've had great fun at fairs and carnivals with the palm readers and such. Interestingly enough I was at one with Chase a couple of years ago (right after his last divorce) and was told that he and I would be married within the year. Oh yeah, right!! He's to die for, but marry? Not!! He's way too much fun single :)

Sandra: Have to make one last comment .... I could kiss you! (Now that ought to send Chase rearing like a bronco!!). Seriously thank you so much on the comment on the book. And honey, if I get this book in print, it and me -and Chase are headed your way. (Even if I have to tie him.) Hmmm, on second thought maybe I'll hold off on the tying part until we hook up with you. And no worries, sista - what happens with the hussies, stays with the hussies! Hugs my dear. Keep in touch now!!

Robin: little sista, we need to find some hunks to get in trouble with. I have bail money tucked away. What say we head for Mexico. Got my eyes on a fine latin cowboy down there that's just prime for a couple of lusty hussies :)

To all you wonderful gals - thank you so much. I feel like we Hussies have fallen into a sisterhood, and it's just the greatest feeling. And you know, the more our numbers grow, the stronger we become. Why one day we might just rule the world!!

Woo hoo, Hussies unite. We're taking over :)

Final notes (and then I promise I'll stop)

I decided to hold this until last .... I received an email from Chase this morning and am pasting it below - he mentions you gals :)

Subject:Your Saturday chat and other things
Date:4/2/2007 6:17:56 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time

Mornin Ci,

Well Fancy, I don't suppose your pretty little butt is out of the bed yet, but I've been up and at it for a while. Life on the ranch ya know.

Just wanted to say thanks honey. That chat thing was fun. Glad I let you talk me into it. Sure were a lot a sassy fillies there. Made it hard on a man, if you get my drift. And I know you do. Be glad to do that again. Couple of those honeys I'd like to talk with again.

I think the new saddle is properly broken in. Thanks. Always know I can count on you to help me out (hehe). Seriously Ci. It was a memorable weekend. A man can never have too many friends. Especially ones like you. Ever wonder why we didn't hook up permanent like? Sometimes I do. Then I remember. Any man who tries to rope and tie you for more than a moment is in for misery. But one day honey you'll be ready to settle down and keep your boots in the same place. When you do... well you know where I am.

Unless one of those fine ladies from your chat thing shows up first.. Turns a man's mind to inticing ideas. Wouldn't mind at all taking one or two of those fine gals for a ride.

Stay outta trouble my pretty little witch. And come back soon. Always room for you on my saddle!

love ya honey -

Okay, this is Ci signing off. Hope you all have a glorious day, and remember your inner hussy wants to come out and play - and that's a good thing.

If you DO let her out, post us a note here and let us know about her adventures :)

love to all!!


Sunday, April 01, 2007


Congrats to the winners of our 2 Grand Prizes!

Here are the winners of the Grand Prizes.

The Scavenger Hunt Winner is Melissa [mitabird@...]!

The Blog Winner is Julianne!

CONGRATS Melissa and Julianne - Drop me an email at sally @ hunksnhussies .com (w/o spaces) with the email to use for the cyber gifts and your snail mail for the other gifts.

Thanks to the many many hussies who played the scavenger game. It took quite a while to go through the entries to verify answers. Thanks for your patience in getting the winners posted here.

Everyone have a super upcoming holiday and spring break!

From the HUSSIES, Sally, Susie, Ciana, and Denise

CIANA Rides again...


You cowboy riding hussy!

I just want to know if you've learned any fancy rope tricks yet.

Have a super day! Sounds like it started out with a bang!


Thoughts of the day

First thoughts:

Sunday morning. One of my favorite times of the week. Sitting on the patio, listening to the birds sing, soaking up the early morning rays ...... recovering from a night of oh-so-much fun with the real Chase. Yeah, well you know that's got to be my first thought, eh? I mean, hey, I'm a red-blooded good ol' redneck gal. No way to go riding a ... uh, excuse me ... riding with a hunk on Saturday and not think about it the next morning.

And to answer the question you're probably asking. Oh my yes, does he ever know how to ride:)

Yesterday on the chat, someone asked what makes a HUNK, and if Chase really was one, aside from his looks. Since he was online, I wasn't about to post an answer to that. But now I can. Yep, he's the real deal. Handsome, built like a dream, sexy as hell without even trying and has the ability to make you feel like you're the only woman in the world. He listens to what you say, appreciates intelligence and humor, and has a good deal of those qualities himself. He may be a cowboy, but in this gal's opinion falls under the cowboy philosopher category.

If you want to know what his personality really is, check out my book Chase'n'Ana. The character of Chase was modeled after him.

Something new to think about:

Recently I had the chance to spend some time with noted pyschic and spiritual counselor Denise Toth. She's graciously offered to do a 1/2 hour reading for our grand prize winner of our contest celebrating the launch of the Hunks'n'Hussies. I'd like to tell you a little about Denise.

An ageless Italian beauty, Denise was was born in New York in 1952 and was raised with her identical twin and best friend, Deborah. From an early age, Deborah and Denise had an unparallel intuitive bond with each other. Like many twins, they connected mentally, spiritually and physically. Denise soon realized that her intuition was not only with Deborah but with others around her. At a young age, Denise began to communicate with those who had passed to other side. She would innocently speak of these individuals as well as past, present and future events. When Denise was 13, her Nanny Rose passed on and Denise’s connection to the spirit world intensified. Her family embraced her gift and encouraged her to heal and guide people who needed her help.

Denise began doing professional readings for family and friends and without real intention shifted her energy down a path of destiny…a path that God intended for her. Over the last 30 years, Denise has acted as a spiritual life coach for thousands of individuals from all over the world including doctors, writers, film makers, attorneys, psychiatrists, government officials, clergymen, investigators and police. She has been a guest on radio talk shows, assisted in police investigations, read for private parties and done past life regressions through prayer and meditation. Denise is happily married and a proud mother and grandmother.

Denise has served as not only a a psychic medium and spiritual coach, but has worked with government agencies and law enforcement, mental health professionals, teachers, writer, politicians, corporate and world leaders. She has inspired books, movies and has read for client the world over from all backgrounds and cultures.

Is she the real deal? Well, I can't tell you what she immediately told me about myself (some things a Hussy just has to keep to herself, you know), but yes, indeed. She IS the real deal.

And some lucky winner is going to find that out very soon :) Be sure to post a comment here on our blog after your reading, you lucky winner and let us know all about it.

Look for more about Denise in the May issue of Lady Jaided, the online magazine for today's sensual woman. (

Final thoughts (for the moment)

Since my handsome cowboy just handed me a fresh mug of coffee and suggested a "morning ride", my mind has suddenly gone blank. Guess all of the blood headed south. So let me close for the moment with a wish for you all to have a glorious morning -- and a suggestion: if a hunky cowboy asks if you want to ride, a good hussy always answers Hell Yeah!!

Hussy hugs - Ciana
And be sure to visit Denise's site:

First HUNK Responses from Andrei

We will be posting these as Andrei gets to them. A couple at a time. Keep them coming.(g)

Amy S asks:
How did you become a cover model?

A: I really got into this industry by chance, I was a fitness model until a few weeks before RT 2005, then a month before that I signed up with a new manager who for some reason thought that the look might work in the romance novel industry. So he convinced me to do the Mr.Romance pageant, and from there I established new contacts and began doing covers.

Jenny asks:
What do you like to do in your free time?

A: In my free time I just like to sit back and relax. I really enjoy dining out with friends and family, watching movies, TV and going to wine bars.

Julianne asks:
Will you be doing movies or guest appearances in televisions anytime soon?

A: I should be receiving a new script in around a month or so, and if I like what I see I might be doing another indie film.