Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gettin' Naughty - Kickin' His Sorry Butt To The Curb

I’m sure there are a lot more than 50 ways to leave your lover. I think it all depends on when is the best time and why. No matter when, how or why…

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

It’s important to know when it’s over and get out! We’ve all heard stories of people who stay in dead end or abusive relationships for a variety of reasons. Some don’t want to be alone, while others are dependent on the person and lack the means to leave. Then there are those who would rather stay in a known situation than face change.

I’m probably going to get hate mail for this one, but here goes…

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the “Man Rules” or code of conduct for men. One of the rules is don’t be left, be the one to call it quits. This seems to be a big self-esteem issue for men—it’s okay if he can tell the guys he was the dumper and not the dumpee. No one wants to be discarded, but men seem to have more problems with this than women. We cry, pig out on sweets, bitch to friends and move on.

Men seem to stew over being left, since it is another man rule not to discuss your feelings, and start longing for what they can’t have. Heck, women have known for centuries one of the ways to get a man is to be unattainable. It brings out a Neanderthal response in the male, a primitive need to conquer and possess. A need to tackle a challenge.

Have you ever noticed that you get more attention when you are in a relationship than when you’re not?

Here are some facts that have been proven true in history and human psychology

1. People want what they can't have!
2. People desire what is scarce.
3. Most of us love a challenge.
4. You don't know what you've got until it is gone.
5. You want someone who is desirable to others.
6. If you are with someone, you are perceived as more attractive.
7. When in a relationship you are more confident and less desperate.

In the immortal words of the Stones…

You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes well you just might find
You get what you need, oh baby, yeah, oh

How you end it depends greatly on your reasons for doing so. Don’t love him anymore or found someone else then let him down easy. If he’s been abusive and treated you badly, run for the hills and leave no forwarding address. If he’s cheated, you’re going to want to follow Carrie Underwood’s example. If you do, don’t get caught. The whole carving the name thing is a statement of guilt and not a good idea.

There are many other ways to get back at him discretely, oh I don’t know, let’s say by putting a few metal marbles in the gas tank. He’s gonna remember you every time he turns a corner. You could hit him hard by having his utilities turned off or even… Uh, I think I’ll stop before someone takes this as a confession and I get myself in trouble, but you get the idea. *g*


Rachel.C said...

Love the post Nic. I guess the way you end it really does depend on the circumstances. I recall a girl at school who got cheated on and her revenge was rather interesting (read evil), she went and told the biggest gossip that he'd given her genital herpes. Of course she did it by pretending to cry on the girls shoulder, so she came off smell of roses and he came of smell of the shit he was.

Sally Painter said...

Well, I never knew the Partridge Family were the first to make a music video. How cool, except for the cows!(g)

Deb said...

Nic, what a great post. I guess it would depend on the relationship when it break up happens.
If the rat bastard/bitch cheats on you kick him/she to the curb.
One thing I have seen is after a break up people tend to make the other person suffer a bit.
Bob's friend Jeremy is such a sweetheart gave his wife anything and with in a year they got divorced. I asked her why? She said because Jeremy gave her to much attention, and she likes being ignored.
What the hell is that all about??

Nicole Austin said...

That's very evil, Rachel. I love it!

LOL! Hey, the Partridge Family were ground breakers.

Wow, Deb. That makes no sense.

Deb said...

Nic, Told Bob she is just into the whole mommy and daddy thing, and if she knew Jer wanted babies she would not have married him.
I say he's is better off.

N.J.Walters said...

Great post, Nic. Breakups can be hard, on both parties. I think you're right. Women cry, the listen to sad music, eat chocolate and eventually move on. LOL

You hit the nail on the head about folks wanting what they can't have and a woman being more attractive when she's already in a relationship. It is the confidence vibes that a woman gives off.

Ciana Stone said...

well damn, if being in a relationship makes you more attractive, I should be downright irresistable by now! Unless .. gasp ... oh no, maybe I'm the exception to the rule.

Great post Nic. And yeah baby, the Stones ... you get what you need ... Ci off on a singing and dancing spree (stand back, it's not pretty!)

Nicole Austin said...

Ci, you are gorgeous, hussy! You absolutely glow.

TK Winters said...

ROFLMAO! The Partridge Family? The Stones? Great stuff! Listening to them was like a walk down memory lane for me. I kept saying--they are babies! LMAO!

Sounds pretty vengeful to me, sis. Guess I'm not much into revenge. I just walk and don't look back.

I never found being in a relationship got me more attention. What I do find is breaking a relationship suddenly gets me attention from the person I broke it off with. Go figure?

Great topic!