Friday, March 07, 2008

How Do You Envision the Future?

The theories of relativity and quantized time have always fascinated me, not because I’m a science geek. Heaven knows I’m not. But, I’ve had moments where I’ve felt myself not just in the past, but in all my past lives at once. It’s really a deja vu moment and one of clarity. During these times I feel ancient.

No…beyond ancient.

It’s not a feeling I can adequately express, but it definitely was profound the very first time I had the experience and each time after. In the blink of an eye, I saw all my lifetimes as though reflections in long narrow mirrors in a row of infinity. It wasn’t the same me as I am now. I was all different shapes, sizes, races, ages, and while mostly female, a few were male.

So what does that have to do with erotic romance? Everything. At least for me it does because I typically incorporate my experiences into my books. Fragments, incidences, emotions. Whatever snippets might add a tinge of the paranormal and hopefully lend a sense of authenticity, however faint that might be. (g)

And, in my latest book that releases today with Ellora’s Cave, I take you on a ride into the future - 2833 AD - to be precise, where all the men are dead. GASP! What was I thinking? Doomsday, baby, of course. (g)

Think about it. How long would it take the human race to become extinct if there were no more men in the world? How long would the sperm bank supplies last and who would take control of them? Who would decide who got the opportunity to have a child? And because no male children could be reproduced due to a virus (result of a cataclysmic event) that attacks only males, what could the female society do to resolve this crisis?

Now, step beyond the obvious of "Oh God, we're going to become extinct" into the practical day to day existence of no males. What would women do for male lovers?

Enter Dr. Randi Mayers, leading sex replacement designer. What exactly is her job description? To design sex toys for women!

Not a bad job to have. Think of the heroine status you'd receive being the number one sex toy designer in a world where there are no men. And after doing this for several years, it is only a logical step that robotic men begin to fit into the equation of women without real men. Sniff, poor females! And then the dangerous notion that it might be possible to actually create a real man with a little help from technology begins to formulate.

But everything is not as it appears in this futuristic society. The Anti-Male faction is in control of the world government and the Pro-Male movement is working in secrecy to re-create not just robots, but real human males. So far, no successes.

But Randi belives she can do this. At least she can create a cyborg male and she hopes this latest secret design, William, is the one! This model will give women a programmable companion, via advanced nanite technology incorporated with DNA, supplied by her new employer, Sexed Up.

She’s pleased when her new boss asks her to push the envelope past legal restrictions to create a cyborg male. The company's plan is to saturate the market before the government has time to realize what's happening. By the time the world government can react, it’ll be too late.

Of course, things heat up the moment Randi accidentally activates William, who turns out to be a determined and very dedicated lover.

But these two love birds are not going to have an easy time of it. Industrial espionage sets them on a collision course with the Anti-Male faction. And now Randi must try to save her creation. And William has fallen in love with her, but the first thing he has to do is convince Randi he’s not a machine and they have a future together.

You can read an excerpt here. I hope you enjoy this book.


Anonymous said...

I see the future of sexual events only lasting long enough to provide no one with pleasure because of the stress and poor health. Heck forget the manborgs or whatever and start using adult toys to spice up things and make it real. It will REALLY help! Finding the right toy can be difficult, I started buying toys from and haven't stopped yet. The Future is NOW.

Sally Painter said...

Ok, that sounds like a little ole spam ad. (g)

Susan said...

I agree Sally..LOL. I'm planning to get your newest book and load it on my new ereader ASAP. I couldn't imagine a future without men. What would I do without one to squish the icky spider, take out the trash, etc. Course B.O.B. would definitely be a necessity. :)