Friday, March 28, 2008

Not in this Liftetime? Then when?

Not in this lifetime?

Well if not this one, then when? Vampires aren’t going to reincarnate, they won’t die unless they have an unlucky encounter with a slayer and since I’m writing the story, they will live forever in the arms of their beloveds. Same thing for weres, gargoyles and all other immortal paranormals.

But, they may have some limits as to what they are willing to do within their forevers. So come with me and step into the shoes of an immortal paranormal and play the game - what would you do?

If we take away the fear of death and the limitation of aging, would we find there are fewer nevers, or, not evers? What do you think?

Would you bet everything you have on a horse that has horrible odds, but could payout incredible odds because you know you have an eternity to make up the money? Would that be a safe bet for an immortal?

Would you suddenly take risks you'd never consider because you know only a few specific things can harm or even kill you? Would risk then become as easy as stepping through a door into another room? Would you scoff at naysayers and plunge into a new venture?

Would you go back to college and get that degree you always wanted but worried you didn't have money enough, or time enough to complete that dream? Is growing older holding you back from realizing dreams? Would you try for that new career you've always yearned for, because after all, you will have many careers?

Would you find the courage to ask that hunky guy out on a date because you know the answer is already no if you don’t ask?

Would you find life fuller and brighter and teeming with possibilities because you’re no longer worried or afraid of consequences of taking a risk? Of course, with risks there would be more opportunity for failure, but would you laugh when you failed instead of bemoaning the loss because you know you'll have countless more chances to try again?

How many times would you reinvent yourself? Seek out new adventures? Try new things?

Just what would you do differently if this lifetime was forever?

But stop… why not do them now? Why not wake up at this moment and make those changes, seize those opportunities? Why not?

What is really keeping us from braving changes and grabbing opportunities?

Go ahead, live as an immortal!


Nicole Austin said...

Hmm...interesting questions. Wow! This one really got me thinking.

I'm not sure how much I would change. I love both of my careers and wouldn't want to go back to school. Of course, with centuries stretching out ahead of me, I'd get bored and have to dabble in something different.

I still wouldn't be an adrenaline junkie and do things like jump out of planes or off bridges.

Of course, its difficult to predict how you will react in a certain situation. I really don't think I'd be too terribly different though.

Fabulous post, Sally!

Sally Painter said...

I hear ya, Nic. My life has been about taking personal risks to challenge, so I would probably keep on keepin' on. I love change and don't do well with ruts and routines, so being immortal would be a challenge to me to keep things shakin', but it would be a lot of fun.

Just think of all the books we could write!!! There would be time to become a master painter, a master of any trade, art or vocation. Lots of time to help make the world a better place and well, I might jump off a bridge or two as well, just to break up time. (g)

N.J.Walters said...

I love my job, so I wouldn't change that. Assuming I had money and didn't need to worry about work at some point down the road, I'd do some travelling. Other than that, I'd probably read and hang out at the seashore. Not exactly adrenaline-pumping stuff. LOL