Friday, March 14, 2008

How do you leave an immortal?

I'm not so sure there are 50 ways to live a vampire or a werewolf. How do you shake off a ghost short of becoming one? It could take eternity. Hmm.

To leave a vampire would probably not be a pleasant process. And then there are gargoyles and shapeshifters.

Typically these beings mate, for well, forever, so you better be darn sure before you say I do to the sexy vamp. I just don't think they'd be too keen on letting you go, Jo, but just in case you can pull it off and actually leave that paranormal lover, here are my best shots on how to do it.
  1. Give him a bite in the neck, Beck

  2. Show him the moon, June

  3. Give him a scream, Maureen

  4. Just a little cross in the face, Grace

  5. Dash of holy water in the eye, Kia

  6. Squeeze garlic in his goatee, Dee

  7. Feed him a doggie biscuit made of wolfbane, Jane

  8. Turn him to stone, Joan

  9. Shapeshift out the door, Cora

  10. Give him a ghost of a chance, Nance

  11. Haunt him with a night of fright, Brite

  12. Give him a sunlight hit, Kit

  13. Switch the stock of blood, Ms Judd

  14. Stake him in the heart, Mart

  15. Buy him a cross for his birthday, Kay

  16. Hold a séance for guidance, Candace

  17. Conduct a reading of tarot, Jo

  18. Find him a werewolf mate, Fate

  19. Put him under a spell, Nell

  20. Clip his wings, Jean

  21. Saw off his horn, Lauren

  22. Send him back to hell, Bel
  23. Exorcise him, Kim

  24. Hide his coffin for a thrill, Jill


Delilah Devlin said...

I love your blog!! Very, very smart and sexy!

Sally Painter said...

Hey Delilah! Waving madly at you! Thanks for the visit. How are you? Writing up a storm I'm sure, as always.

Robin Snodgrass said...

Great ways to leave your praranormal lover Sally! *grin*

How about:

Leave him in the sun, Hon.
Holy water in the face, Lace.
Stomp on his tail Gail.

Robin S.

Lover of Books said...

lol yeah they do mate forever.
I was going to say grab a stake Kate but you already have one similar to that. lol


Sally Painter said...

Thx Robin!

I love yours! Especially the "Stomp on his tail Gail!" (VBG)

Sally Painter said...

Hey Krista! GMTA! (G)

danetteb said...

Turn into a different shifter and show him your fangs. :F
Hugs, Danette

Sally Painter said...

LOL, Danette! I love it!

N.J.Walters said...

OMG These are fabulous. LOL

Nicole Austin said...

LOL! Those are great tips for leaving the paranormal guys. :D