Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sex Appeal and Bug Repellant

Today is my 37th birthday. Yup. And as much as gravity is starting to tickle the back of my head (and my butt, but that’s a whole other conversation), I find I look better now than I did at 20. Sure I had a nicer butt and perkier breasts, sure my waist was narrower and more defined. But I didn’t have then what I have now: an irreverent sense of humor tempered with wisdom. Okay, okay, a tiiiiiiny, tiny bit of wisdom. After all, a couple of weeks ago I busted my young son’s bed while trying to teach him the awesomeness that is the Flying Power Elbow.

So what used to look good at 20 is merely “cute” now. Then again, in twenty years, I’ll look back at my thirties and laugh at what I’m saying. But that’s how the wheel turns, right. Each rotation brings you closer to where you’re going. In my case, World Domination.

Don’t laugh. I’ll remember when I rule the galaxy. My memory is as long as my nose is big. So beware.

So to return to the topic of the week (sex appeal), I like myself better now than I ever did. Does that mean I wouldn’t kill to have a twenty year-old body? Of course it doesn’t. But presented with the choice, I’d rather have what I do now than what I had then. Does that make sense? Anyone else feels that way? Is this it, enlightenment?

This subject reminds me of what my nan used to say: “The only good thing about the good old days is that they’re over.”

So today I’m going to celebrate my 37th birthday with my menfolk, be gentle with myself, eat a bit too much, sit on my butt a bit too long and watch a movie with plenty of action and zero plot. And you know what? That’s okay. Ruling the world is hard work, yo!


Sahara Kelly said...

WooHOOO! Happy birthday, Nat!! Hope it's a GREAT day for you!

Many hugs,

Ciana Stone said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Nat, no one would guess you're 37 and honey, I agree with you, we are better now than when we were 20. Yeah, yeah, not quite a tight, not as much junk in the trunk (and the trunk is riding a bit lower), but what we've gained in trade is worth it. Now we have sense enough to know that if we're going to try and bank on our looks our whole lives we're gonna end up with a slim account :)

Celebrate the day, Nat, and enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY!!!!! Heck, I think we may have a party for you here! Yep, a rip roaring, redneck party. If you're awakened tonight by some rowdy energy ... well, happy birthday!!!!!

Sally Painter said...


Agree - 30s definitely are a come into your own time of life. Congrats! Old enough to have some valuable experience and know how to wield it!

Dominate the world, Nat and have a superb action birthday! HUGS!

N.J.Walters said...


I hope you have a truly awesome day!

The video was great...and very, very true. The beauty industry does more to influence young girls then their mothers do. That needs to change.

NathalieGray said...

It should be called the "ugliness" industry because every "beauty" magazine I've ever seen makes you feel ugly, not beautiful.

And thanks everyone! 37 rocks!!!!!!!

Nicole Austin said...

Happy Birthday, Nat!

I'm with you, baby. My body may be again, but I like myself much better at 40 than I did at 20. I have more confidence and the experience to know what to do with it.