Monday, March 10, 2008


So I have the same problem - twenty five years this June with the same dude. And we're both still alive. Pretty impressive, I guess, even though I went through my share of frogs before I found my Prince.

However, that hasn't stopped me from getting inventive for this week's theme...


Give him a pain, Jane
Make a big scene, Jean
Knock him to the mat, Nat
Kiss another girl, Pearl
Blacken his eye, Ci
Push him out the gate, Kate
Shave both his legs, Meg
Lock him in the can, Ann
Abscond with his cash, Ash
Shove him in a pit, Kit
Fill his trousers with fleas, Reese
Hire a lawyer to sue, Rue
Run away with a cook, Brooke
Curl your lip and then hiss, Bliss
Laugh like hell at his bone, Joan
Kick him up the ass, Cass

...and set yourself free!!!

Keep goin' Hussies...I know I've missed some!!! And what better way to survive a Monday than playing along?


Ciana Stone said...

Laugh like hell at his bone, Joan. ROFLAMO - now there's the number one, sure fire way to get rid of a lover. And it gave me a huge laugh for the morning.

And oh Monday - the first work day of the whole "spring forward" time, I need a laugh. There's not a lot a "springing" to this new time thing. Just means that 5am alarm is really going off at 4, which does not inspire me to spring anywhere but back between the sheets :)

Thanks Sahara. Hope we hit the big 50 on this list!!

NathalieGray said...

To the mat, Nat! :))

mamasand2 said...

Heck, there's no way to top that Sahara. You just shut my little muse right up.

mamasand2 said...

But you made me think of one:

Desert him in the Sahara, Mara

mamasand2 said...

It'a an addiction. Almost as bad as a certain two 'Hussies' with scrable. LOL

Use tar and feather, Heather
Show him your knife, Wife
Ship him to the moon, June
Announce that he's sucky, Duckie
Tell all,he's girly & fussy, Hussie
Tie a tin can to his tail, Gail
Turn him into a midget, Bridget
Set him ablaze, Maize
Take over his Rolls Royce, Joyce
Feed him to a llama, Mama
Get a hotter man, Fran
Hit him with a dish, Trish

that's all for now, folks

Ciana Stone said...

Feed him to a llama, mama. ROFLAMO!!!!!!!!!!!

Marianne said...

Leave him on a plane, Jane!

How about pretending to plan a trip away together, then actually leave a day earlier to a totally different destination without him. Mary Ann W. :D

mamasand2 said...

Don't you have 50 yet???

Ship him to Havana, Ciana

Poke pins in his pole, Nicole

Cathy said...

Glue his car keys, Louise.

Cherie J said...

These are hilarious. What imaginations. Here's some I thought of:

Spank his fanny, Frannie.
Use his brother's tool, Jewel.
Use his butt as a practice target, Margaret.
Grafitti his prized Ferrari, Mari.

N.J.Walters said...


I've been with hubby too long to even think back to the days of breaking up. *g*