Sunday, March 23, 2008

Not in this lifetime

Well, I must admit when I checked the calendar of "themes for the week" and saw this one it gave me pause. Just what won't I do in this lifetime? Right of the top of my head the list would be:

Go to a Carrot Top Show
Marry Tom Cruise
Eat sea urchin
Wrestle an alligator
Wear Prada
Support prejudice
Be involved in a M/M menage where the guys were more into each other than me
Tryout to be a contestant on Survivor
Be the guy whose day it is to stick his leg in the hole (to catch an anaconda)
Be a man
Stop cursing at stupid drivers
Own a Iguana
Swim with sharks

I'll probably never stop believing that random acts of kindness can change the world, that we should pay it forward when someone does something nice for us, or that true love conquers all. I'll cling to the notion of happily ever after, and that to change the world we only have to look inside and make the change.

I'll not stop being a romantic at heart, or stop romanticizing cowboys or give up my love of rodeo, PBR and (big shocker here) the ballet.

And finally, not in this lifetime will anyone convince me that this was not a great film or that Mikhail Baryshnikov was not a total babe - on and off stage.


mamasand2 said...

Ciana, I have to agree with you on most of the "won't do's".
The movie I've never seen but I watched the youtube clip and a couple more and tomorrow I will be hunting for a copy. I adored it. Thanks for the putting the video up.

Shelley Munro said...

I had to laugh at the cursing drivers since I'm guilty. Sigh - I'm sure they give out licences in cereal packets some days.

Paying it forward is a great way to live.

NathalieGray said...

Eat sea can eat sea urchins?!

They don't look very, uhm, appealing. Someome, somewhere, must have been pretty damn hungry to look at a sea urchin and tell himself "I want somma dat!"


Sally Painter said...

Ci! You are so funny! I loved your not in this life list.

Nicole Austin said...

I wholehartedly agree with most of your list, Ci! And cussing other drivers, how the heck are you supposed to make it two blocks without doing that?