Friday, March 21, 2008

Sex Appeal and the Paranormal

I mean, seriously, who was the first writer who decided to change how vamps had previously been portrayed as fanged blood sucking horrors into the modern day perception of sexy, and ah... darnit, handsome heart-stoppin' hunks of burnin' love?
I racked my brain, did some research and then I had a lightbulb moment - bowing to the mistress of vampires - ANNE RICE! Yes, she is the queen of giving the vampire sex appeal. Oh, others tried in films before her, but none did it quite like she did. Sure Bram Stoker created a most excellent one, too, but I dub Anne Rice forever!
And what makes a modern vamp sexy? Well, he or she has lived long enough to know not just how to do it, but many many ways to do it. (eg)
What about ghosts? Well, the old classic The Ghost and Mrs. Muir comes to mind, but then Patrick Swayze in GHOST wins hands down as sexy in the mist, baby! DITTO!

Other memorable paranormal misfits and star-crossed lovers have filled books and films, but the question remains- What is the mystique of a sexy paranormal lover? The obvious answer is other worldly.
The paranormal lover be it vampire, ghost, werewolf, shapshiter, or whatever -- is intriguing because of its very nature being different from ours. The possibilities of its life being forever and a human as the object of its desires captures the imagination in stark contrasts. The chemistry of opposites attracting sends tingles up and down our spines.
A being who is immortal is awe-inspiring. Our quest to conquer death plays into the fascination of these heroes and heroines with the possibility their ability to cheat death just might rub off on their human lover. Of course, it will to have the perfect HEA.


Selena Illyria said...

Great Blog. I adore the paranormal. Hugs.

Deb said...

Sally, what a great topic.
I never read paranormal until I started reviewing. It is something to read that is for sure.

Sally Painter said...

Hey Selena! writing paranormal certainly does provide an endless stream of possibilities

Sally Painter said...

Hiya Deb. Glad you enjoyed!

N.J.Walters said...

I love the paranormal. I think it's the endless possabilities which makes it so attractive to writers and readers alike.