Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Book Talk

Welcome to Wednesday--Hump Day--New Release Day! Woohoo! My favorite kind of shopping, sexy books from Ellora's Cave Publishing.

If anyone ever says you're spending too much on books *gasp* it's easy to justify the indulgence and earn do-gooder points all at the same time. Stand tall, look them dead in the eye and exlain that by purchasing books you are supporting literacy, the empowerment of women and education (telling them it's sex education is optional). Now go in for the kill. Add a quizical lift to the brow and ask if they are doing their part to further literacy.

See, isn't it fun to be a little bit naughty?!

Releasing on Wednesday:

Demon's Triad - Anna J. Evans & December Quinn

Miss September - Madison Hayes

Desperate Alliance - Robie Madison

Sacrifice of The Stone - A.D. Christopher

Releasing Friday:

Guardian of The Onyx Empire - Vanessa N. Gilfoy

Beware of The Cowboy - Mari Freeman

Sunfire - Lynne Connolly

Virgin Jewels - Karen Erickson (Love this book title and the visuals it sparks in my naughty mind *g*)

The Hussies would like to extend a warm welcome to new to EC authors Mari Freeman, Lynne Connolly and Vanessa Gilfoy!

You're still here. What're you waiting for? Go forth and do your part by shopping.

Happy Reading!
So Naughty it's Scandalous


Deb said...

LOL, Nic just sent my check out to EC for books;)
Love Hump day and Release day.

Vanessa N. Gilfoy said...

Thanks for the warm welcome. :)

Take care,