Friday, January 11, 2008


Too Sexy For My Wig...

The piercing blue eyes. The haughty sneer. The impeccable ponytail. That big, er, sword. Don’t let the sparkly brass buttons fool you; Green Dragoon Colonel William Tavington is no knight in shiny armor. He’s one baaaaad dude.

But sexy like, ooh la la!

That’s how we like them here, snarly and ready for a good spanking. And a man who sets fire to a church full of women and children ought to...well, more than have his bubble derrière have an encounter of the leather kind, but I believe in recycling. Don’t throw a villain to the garbage, here at Hussies Central, we recycle them! And reuse them. Over, and over, and over again.

Mwa ha haaa.

If I thought I was the only one with an infatuation in the character, well, others out there have a veritable obsession. I can understand. Dude, the guy is (oh, what’s the online jargon thing again...) OMGLIKEHAWT!? In fact, YouTube is rife with (international) juicy bits, footage, and montage showing our yummy villain either in full riding outfit or just a barely done-up shirt and pants while shaving in the river.

With his hair down.

Yes, picture this for a second. *sigh*

Did I mention he has his hair down? Oh? Okay, I did.

I might put something out there too if I had the inclination, sufficient will to learn basic video creating and some time (baby, I sold my soul to the devil but I still have only 24 hours...the lying bastard).

Back to Mister Snarly Pants.

Because a simple hand to the bum won't do. Oh now. With this one, we have to bring out the big guns: namely, the paddle. What do you figure, two thwaps for each offense ought to do, right? So that’d be, let me see, 1734.


It takes a special brand of actor to have such an odious role yet manage to make rows of women (and gents so inclined) swoon in his excellently tailored, uniformed wake. So if you’re into movies that take liberties with history...hell, if you want to feast your eyes on one helluva handsome man, go rent The Patriot, would you? You might want to put on a bib first, because this one will get your salivary glands going 10 RPM.

Actor Jason Isaacs as William Tavington (supposedly based on real-life Lieutenant-Colonel Barnaster Tarleton, a skilled war tactician but a rotten human being). Maybe he was just pissed off at his parents for saddling him with that name, eh?

This was Nathalie for the Hussies, saying, don't waste your villains, reuse them.

P.S. The song in the video will haunt you for days. DAYS, man!


Ciana Stone said...

A barely done-up shirt and pants while shaving in the river.With his hair down.

Yep, that got MY attention!

And that song should be the Hussies theme song, eh?

Thanks for the visual goodness, Nat. It added some "kapow!" to my morning coffee!!

Sally Painter said...

OMG! Hunk in the flesh. I agree, Ci, the shaving in the creek was potent. How'd I miss all that when I watched the movie? I need to go back and watch it now!

Great post, Nat!

NathalieGray said...

I remembered that scene, because, well, DAMN!

But I had no idea people had made movies with slow mo and everything. Good for them. He's worth a good fantasy or ten.

That song....that song....*humming naughty, naughty*

Anonymous said...

HA! Good one Nathalie! Tavington is badbadbad. He must be punished!

How about Gary Oldman in The Professional? Or the Fifth Element or Air Force One or Dracula... Does he only play bad guys? You could have a month of Oldman baddies. LOL

The Other Susan