Monday, January 14, 2008

That Moral Monday Mindset...

Come Monday morning, it's hard to remember that there are things in this world that really turn us on! Mondays are about beginning the work week (where's my car keys?), getting the kids off to school (no, you can't take the cat for Show and Tell) and organizing your life (Eeeek. I'm out of clean underwear!).

It's funny how a date on the calendar can shape our thinking. On Saturday, we were all about the shaved legs and the handsome waist we planned on wrapping them around. Now it's cereal, coffee and lunch boxes.

Ever wonder why? Are we supposed to put aside the sexual components of our brains while we figure out where little Johnny's gerbil is hiding?
Yep, women are lauded for being able to step from wanton woman into wife/mother without missing a beat. Do men? Since they apparently have sexual thoughts at least every other minute, I doubt it. While we're on our knees looking for the gerbil under the heating duct, our significant other is probably staring at our ass and having decadently naughty thoughts about it.

I say it's time for equality, girls. Let HIM look for the damn gerbil while WE admire HIS ass. If we want some satisfying time between the sheets on a Monday, then why the hell not? Time to shift the balance a little bit. Share those evening chores (so what if he forgets to wash behind your kid's ears?) while you indulge in an after dinner glass of wine. Your bathrobe may be fuzzy and lined with flannel, but the mere suggestion that there's not much of anything underneath and your children will get the quickest bath they've ever had and be tucked down for the night in record time.

Yep, Mondays can work for sex. Any day can work for sex. All we have to do is get our weekend mindset into place - and then go for it!!! Everything that turned us on last Saturday night (that would be a warm smile, a kiss, a George Clooney movie or an erotic romance - by a HUSSY of course [grin]) - it's all still there. You got the urge on a Monday? You got that itch that needs a good male scratchin'? There isn't a man alive who'd turn you down.

It's all in your head, sister Hussies! The calendar may say Monday, but if your head and other places are singing about Saturday night... let the good times roll!!

(And for our friends in primary election states this week...
I'm Sahara Kelly and I approved this message)


Deb said...

Sahara, what a fun subject! And seens how my guy has been gone for two weeks now when he returns, I hope we don't come up for air for at least a couple of hours;)

Ciana Stone said...

Amen sister! The nights that my man takes care of dinner and let's me luxuriate in a bubble bath while he's washing dishes are the night he gets reminded "what a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man!"

And hey, it DOES work. I only cook once a week (and that's take-out night!)

Next step .... laundry :)

Sally Painter said...

My husband does more than half the workload around the house and that's not just because we work from home, he was right there helping with laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. when we were in the corporate world. The first time we went grocery shopping together was nearly orgasmic!

One of the lesser reasons I married him, but the greater reasons are even better. Second time around was the big charm for lucky me!

NathalieGray said...

Oh Sahara, your post reminded me of the movie Chocolat. Remember when she's scrubbing the bathtub and Husband is there watching, having naughty, naughty thought? I found that incredibly romantic and sexy. Sure, neither of them were models, but that was real lurve right there.

I wonder if it was Monday in the movie?

Nicole Austin said...

I solved this problem by ending my work week on Monday morning. LOL! Puts a whole new outlook on the work week when it begins Friday evening and ends Monday morning. :D

Cook, what's that? The family loves it when I "cook" because they know that means the delivery man will be ringing the doorbell sometime soon.